Visual Novels

Best Visual Novels Translated in 2018
Best Visual Novels of 2017

My favorites:

Great (5/5):

Good (4/5):

Fine (3/5):

Meh (2/5):

Bad (1/5):

Crap (0/5):

4 thoughts on “Visual Novels

  1. This is a very interesting blog you have. Very neat reviews! I’m also pretty interested in your opinion of Himawari, as you’ve ranked it on the same level as SubaHibi and Muramasa. I haven’t read it but I heard many great things about it.


  2. I actually would like you to consider reading “Remember 11 The age of infinity” and I take it that you’re waiting for the 3rd vn of “Kara no Shoujo”to come out,if you aren’t then please put it into consideration.Anyway in your list of favorites by Tsukihime for example you mean also sequels(plus Disc and Kagetsu Tohya)or just it on it’s own?


    1. I haven’t actually read Remember11 or Kagetsu Tohya.
      I only read Cartagra from the Innocent Grey’s murder mystery series, but I’m definitely looking forward to Kara no Shoujo and its sequels when I’ll finally get around to them. :p


  3. I would be very interested in a review of Utawarerumono (unless you want to wait for the 3rd game and review all 3 in 1 go) and Aiyoku no Eustia (very interested in it despite not being translated), if you can.
    I would be also be curious to know if you would read the 11eyes visual novel at some point.
    Great reviews!


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