[VN] Kanon

KanonRelease: 1999 (KEY)
Writers: Hisaya Naoki (Ayu, Nayuki, Shiori); Maeda Jun (Makoto, Mai)
Japanese difficulty: Easy
English: NDT & Haeleth
(7.82); EGS (7.98)


Who is Hisaya Naoki (久弥直樹) and why is Maeda Jun, and not him, the main writer of KEY right now? Most of KEY’s visual novels are mixed bags of momentarily flashes of Maeda’s brilliance and walls of boring text written by a bunch of hacks. How come, then, that it’s Maeda’s parts that look shoddy in comparison in Kanon? KEY, can you please get that Hisaya guy back?

Kanon follows the daily life of Aizawa Yuuichi as he moves to his relatives house in a town of perpetual winter. There he meets a whole bunch of eccentric girls, each of whom are hiding a secret that is at least partially related to the dreamy supernatural nature of the town. Continue reading “[VN] Kanon”