[Novel] A Winkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle)

A Wrinkle in Time


It may be inspired by unusually high level scientific concepts and quote works like Dante’s Inferno, but the core of A Wrinkle in Time it’s still a young adult book and shares most of the weaknesses prevalent in the genre, namely an overly simplistic cliche plot and unrealistic, hard-to-take-seriously characters.

You can grab an audiobook or kindle off amazon.

Inspired by a bunch of fairly high level hard sci-fi concepts
Characters don’t behave like human beings
An interesting, imaginative, but solidly crafted setting
The plot is straightforward and simplistic once you look past the embellishments

[Game] Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight


A fantastic homage to old school 8bit platformers and beat-’em-ups that actually surpasses them in pretty much every conceivable way. It does Megaman better than it ever did itself.

You can grab the game on steam or gog.

Good soundtrack
Intentionally outdated visuals
Great side-scroller game-play
Most boss fights are too easy

[Anime] Boku no Hero Academia

My Hero Academia


*Note: this impression is based on the first two seasons of the show.

Boku no Hero Academia comes off like something you’d get if you mixed Hunter x Hunter and One Punch Man, and took away most of what made those shows smart and original.

It’s a traditional shounen flare with a few nice ideas here and there, but it doesn’t offer anything that older shows haven’t done better already.

Likable characters
Moves at a snail’s pace
Delivers the traditional shounen experience
Feels like a small part of much bigger story with villains still barely introduced
Offers little what older shounen shows haven’t already

[Nukige] Koinosu ☆ Ichacolize



Damn, I got this because of its relatively positive reception, but only after playing it for a bit and realizing that it was just recycled vanilla ero scenes with no narrative whatsoever, it finally dawned on me it was made by the same people who produced Koinaka, another nukige that bored me to death.

It feels more like an ero heavy fandisc of some moege that never happened than a proper nukige.

An occasional nice ero CG here and there
Nothing going in the narrative
Boring vanilla ero scenes
Recycled ero scenes

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel & The Ringed City

Ringed City


Dark Souls III expansions are a must play for any souls player, just as every single game and dlc in this series.

It seems to finally put a period to the series’ lore by pitting you against the last boss at the very end of the world. And the timing couldn’t be better as, after playing Bloodborne, I couldn’t help but feel that Dark Souls formula was starting to get a bit stale and repetitive.

It was one hell of a journey and most likely my favorite series of all time, but now I’m rather looking forward to what new concept FROM Software will develop instead.

You can grab the game on steam or amazon.

Stunning visuals
Some NPCs are easy to miss
Good music
By bloating the lore too much, the story cheapens the events of the original game
Fantastic dark and gloomy atmosphere
Not many new useful armor sets or weapons, at least from what I found
Interesting surreal story
The formula is finally starting to feel a bit stale after all these sequels and dlcs
Interesting lore
Thought-provoking, subtle storytelling
Finally delivers what feels like a conclusive end
Item placement and drops make sense lore-wise
Fantastic sense of adventure
Fantastic dungeon design
Fantastic boss fights
Fantastic battle mechanics
Challenging and extremely rewarding