Conjueror’s VN of the Year (2016) Tournament

Hello there. I’m a big fan of GOTY awards — lurking around Gamespot and IGN on December being one of my favorite pastimes of the month. Anyway, I’ve been thinking it was a shame that visual novels do not have something equivalent, and figured I might as well try to organize something myself.


The rules are simple, apart from the two seeded titles — Steins;Gate 0 and Fata Morgana — I will have 24 notable visual novels translated this year go through a preliminary round. Since twitter only allows four options in a poll, I will split those 24 into six groups of four, and two titles with the most votes in each group will advance to the next round (12 titles in total). Continue reading “Conjueror’s VN of the Year (2016) Tournament”

Most desired visual novel translation


After receiving a surprising amount of votes on the poll I did the other day to test which one of the big four has been, after all, the most desired visual novel in the west (or at least my twitter followers) I got an urge to try out more titles to see how the community sees them, which made me recall the exciting gamefaqs “Best Game of All Time” tournament.

I picked 52 most highly regarded titles that I could think of (mostly with the help of erogamescape) that have yet to receive a translation. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind translating most of these games, so show me which ones would you’d rather want me to push for (your vote might count for more than you think).

*Note: Type-Moon games seem to be incredibly popular in the west, so I felt it wouldn’t be fair to have Mahoyo and Fate/Extra CCC trample over everything in the tournament, and instead seeded them to an extra match where they’ll have a final bout against the winner of lesser known VNs (bracket update pending).

bracket 8

Excel file of the bracket for those who want to fill their own predictions: Bracket

Losers Bracket
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[Translation] Dies Irae – Beatrice vs Eleonore Part III

Dies Irae

A sequel to my previous attempt at translating a fighting scene from Dies Irae. As always, forgive me if my prose sounds lousy at times; this was done purely for practice, and is by no means a definitive translation of the work.

You can check out the subbed videos here:

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[Translation] Dies Irae – Beatrice vs Eleonore Part I

Dies Irae

My attempt at translating a battle scene from Dies Irae as a challenge. I’m by no means a professional writer, so…err hopefully, my prose won’t ruin Dies Irae for you. I tried to convey the “nuance” of Masada’s writing as best as I could, so I had to take a couple of liberties with a few passages which wouldn’t make sense in English if translated literally (or would flow like liquid glue xD).

Special thanks to GareJei for helping me out with the chants.

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