[TV] Seinfield


Disclaimer: based on the first two seasons.


A light-hearted comedy that’s good to kill some time with, but not much else.

Relatively funny
Doesn’t offer much in terms of plot
Likable characters
Doesn’t offer anything particularly memorable
A good time killer when you’re bored

[TV] Boardwalk Empire


Despite a strong first episode this show soon devolves into but another uninspired and clueless character piece with plot threads being introduced and thrown away seemingly at random. It’s pretty apparent the creators never had a clear vision for where they wanted to take the story, and were just making stuff as they went.

I don’t think I’ll be watching further than the first season.

Positive: Negative:
A fascinating setting of Prohibition era in USA Plot keeps going in circles with threads introduced and thrown away almost at random
Some characters, especially the sleazy protagonist, are interesting Characters keep changing personalities and making weird decisions to suit the schizophrenic plot
No actual story, at least in the first season


[TV] Arrested Development


A quite hilarious comedy show that unfortunately got canceled before it could go anywhere (although I doubt that was ever its intention to begin with).

Positive: Negative:
Likable characters The plot feels a bit too random and all over the place sometimes
Genuinely funny The recent continuation just doesn’t have the same steam


[TV Series] The Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

The show might have appeared as ingenious sixty years ago, but from the lens of a modern viewer it is but a compilation of already tired ideas that are conveyed with naivete and superficiality more reminiscent of a cartoon.

If you’re curious, I would recommend only checking the episodes that make it to “best of twilight zone” lists.

Positive: Negative:
Some of the better episodes might explore fairly interesting ideas Acting can be quite cringeworthy depending on the episode
Some of the episodes are good at building expectation for that upcoming twist Lots of weak episodes
Most of the ideas are given very superficial treatment


[TV Series] Mr. Robot (Season 1)

Mr. RobotA show about hackers made by people who actually know how to use a computer for a change. Unfortunately, it becomes a tad dull after its amazing pilot episode, as the plot starts moving in circles seemingly unable to decide what it wants to do with its characters.

Then all sorts of shit goes down in the last few episodes, and I still can’t decide if they shot themselves in the foot with all those suspension of disbelief breaking twists, or are they on the right track to make the following season an amazing roller coaster.

Well, at least I can certainly get behind the idea of the concept of corporations being the bane of mankind.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating concept of hackers trying to fight the impersonal evil of society Characters other than the protagonist aren’t that interesting
Interesting, schizoid protagonist Seems not to go anywhere for the first couple of episodes
Based on actually legit computer knowledge Some of the twists near the end threaten to shatter the suspension of disbelief
Corporations are evil, good point


[TV Series] The Walking Dead (Season 1)

Walking DeadResident Evil playing a big part in my childhood, I just can’t help being attracted to zombie fiction, and The Walking Dead is about the only actually competent TV series in the genre. It’s just too bad it doesn’t really offer anything special, and its most interesting and least annoying characters are the mute monsters.

Nowhere near as good as the game, unfortunately.

Positive: Negative:
Zombies are inherently fun Bland, boring characters
A couple of tense moments Stiff dialogue
Dull, simplistic plot