[TV] Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones was one show that I actually wasn’t worried about deviating from the original material because I figured that to achieve the heights it did, everyone involved must have known what they were doing as it wasn’t like George R. R. Martin was writing every scene, but… It appears I couldn’t have been more wrong–the way they dropped the ball with the final season is legendary.

The tense atmosphere is gone, everyone has plot armor, the characters are making dumb decisions that feel nothing like them, the battle strategy is abysmal and all battles are won through magic, and most of the events feel rushed and not set up properly. It simply doesn’t feel like Game of Thrones anymore. It’s still better than what you normally see on TV, but this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about, not goddamn Hercules: The Legendary Journey.

While I thought I didn’t need to pick up the books while I was around season four, I started having doubts through season five and six, until I finally realized I simply had to read them to get a proper conclusion to the story around season seven. At this point, I really can’t help but treat the last two seasons as fan fiction that I give no more credit than alternative fan endings on youtube, which also happen to be infinitely better.

The underwhelming last season doesn’t change all the amazing things that came prior to it, and the first four seasons of Game of Thrones (and arguably five and six too) still remain my favorite TV series. I’ll be looking forward to see how the story actually concludes if George R. R. Martin finishes the damn books.

Seasons based on books:


Original material:


Awesome cinematography
Action scenes use too many jumpcuts in the earlier seasons
Fascinating, gritty medieval fantasy setting
The integrity of the plot falls apart in the original seasons
Immersing, dark atmosphere
Characters act out of character and are dumbed down in the later seasons
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Abysmal battle tactics in the final season
Enthralling plot full of surprising twists
Poorly written ending
Fantastic pacing with something interesting happening every minute
Solid, well thought-out story fueled by medieval politics


[TV] Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead



A resurrection of Evil Dead that captures the feel of the original pretty much perfectly. It’s a tragedy and a complete mystery to me why the channel ended up cancelling the show after three seasons as it was only getting better and better.

Lots of hilarious explicit gore
The story’s utterly simplistic and a bit repetitive
Groovy atmosphere
Interesting, likable characters
Relatively engrossing plot
Genuinely funny


[TV] Jewel in the Palace

Jewel in the Palace.png


A historical Korean TV series focusing on the first female physician in middle age Korea.

Interesting, likable characters
Extremely slow pace
Relatively engaging plot with lots of twists and political machinations
Some of the episodes around the middle feel redundant
Enlightening on Korean history and culture
Jang-Geum is represented as so perfect it makes her kind of boring
Enlightening on traditional Korean food and medicine

[TV] Black Mirror

Black Mirror



It’s a bit hit and miss depending on the episode, but Black Mirror is one of the most imaginative, mind-blowing shows I’ve ever seen that should be watched by anyone with even a passing interest in speculative science fiction.

Full of imaginative sci-fi ideas
A couple of disappointing episodes
Usually an engaging plot
Some of the ideas are not very realistic
Usually full of mind-blowing twists
Thought-provoking on the future of technology

[TV] Rome




A truly well-done show that quite accurately represents the period in Rome’s history between Caesar’s attempt to seize power and Octavian’s ascension to the throne.

The only real gripe I had with it is that the show has few surprises for you if you know your history beforehand.

High production values
The plot is not that gripping if you know your history
Does a good job at representing ancient Rome
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Engaging, memorable story
Not a single episode wasted on fillers or redundancies

[TV] Justified



Disclaimer: this impression is based on the first two seasons of the show.

A TV series about an old school marshal fighting crime in Kentucky that despite a few highs here and there is too padded with episodic filler to truly shine.

Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters
Huge amount of episodic filler drowns out the otherwise interesting story
Well-written dialogue
Awkward romance
Set in an exotic location of Kentucky state

[TV] Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty

An ingenious comedy cartoon that follows the adventures of a misanthropic drunken scientist and his completely normal (if not particularly bright) grandson.

Extremely likable, interesting characters
Due to the nature of parodies some episodes can be a bit predictable
Extremely well-written dialogue
Never runs out of wacky ideas to entertain you with
One of the funniest shows out there

[TV] Seinfield


Disclaimer: based on the first two seasons.


A light-hearted comedy that’s good to kill some time with, but not much else.

Relatively funny
Doesn’t offer much in terms of plot
Likable characters
Doesn’t offer anything particularly memorable
A good time killer when you’re bored

[TV] Boardwalk Empire


Despite a strong first episode this show soon devolves into but another uninspired and clueless character piece with plot threads being introduced and thrown away seemingly at random. It’s pretty apparent the creators never had a clear vision for where they wanted to take the story, and were just making stuff as they went.

I don’t think I’ll be watching further than the first season.

Positive: Negative:
A fascinating setting of Prohibition era in USA Plot keeps going in circles with threads introduced and thrown away almost at random
Some characters, especially the sleazy protagonist, are interesting Characters keep changing personalities and making weird decisions to suit the schizophrenic plot
No actual story, at least in the first season


[TV] Arrested Development


A quite hilarious comedy show that unfortunately got canceled before it could go anywhere (although I doubt that was ever its intention to begin with).

Positive: Negative:
Likable characters The plot feels a bit too random and all over the place sometimes
Genuinely funny The recent continuation just doesn’t have the same steam


[TV Series] The Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

The show might have appeared as ingenious sixty years ago, but from the lens of a modern viewer it is but a compilation of already tired ideas that are conveyed with naivete and superficiality more reminiscent of a cartoon.

If you’re curious, I would recommend only checking the episodes that make it to “best of twilight zone” lists.

Positive: Negative:
Some of the better episodes might explore fairly interesting ideas Acting can be quite cringeworthy depending on the episode
Some of the episodes are good at building expectation for that upcoming twist Lots of weak episodes
Most of the ideas are given very superficial treatment


[TV Series] Mr. Robot (Season 1)

Mr. RobotA show about hackers made by people who actually know how to use a computer for a change. Unfortunately, it becomes a tad dull after its amazing pilot episode, as the plot starts moving in circles seemingly unable to decide what it wants to do with its characters.

Then all sorts of shit goes down in the last few episodes, and I still can’t decide if they shot themselves in the foot with all those suspension of disbelief breaking twists, or are they on the right track to make the following season an amazing roller coaster.

Well, at least I can certainly get behind the idea of the concept of corporations being the bane of mankind.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating concept of hackers trying to fight the impersonal evil of society Characters other than the protagonist aren’t that interesting
Interesting, schizoid protagonist Seems not to go anywhere for the first couple of episodes
Based on actually legit computer knowledge Some of the twists near the end threaten to shatter the suspension of disbelief
Corporations are evil, good point


[TV Series] The Walking Dead (Season 1)

Walking DeadResident Evil playing a big part in my childhood, I just can’t help being attracted to zombie fiction, and The Walking Dead is about the only actually competent TV series in the genre. It’s just too bad it doesn’t really offer anything special, and its most interesting and least annoying characters are the mute monsters.

Nowhere near as good as the game, unfortunately.

Positive: Negative:
Zombies are inherently fun Bland, boring characters
A couple of tense moments Stiff dialogue
Dull, simplistic plot

[TV Series] Fargo

FargoBefore trying to shill their nonsense as “based on a real story” the writers of this show should’ve stopped to consider if anything in their story made sense outside of their shriveled heads. Not a single thing is properly thought through in this “police drama” where police don’t investigate crime scenes, ignore obvious evidence and then convict random people on assumptions that make no sense; where serial killers run wild across the town without even trying to conceal themselves and pose for security cameras; where grown up people talk to each other like middle schoolers (the dialogue of the two FBI agents is in particular moronic).

Then at around episode 7 the writers seem to finally give up, and the show completely falls apart with characters purposefully acting against their own interests to get killed.

Positive: Negative:
A couple of characters are kind of likable Crimes aren’t thought through and make no sense
So bad it’s funny Everyone in the show is exceedingly dumb, and can’t solve kindergarten-level “mysteries”
Dialogue is so poorly written you can never guess when a character is supposed to sound dumb and when “witty”
Motivation of some characters is muddled beyond the point of understanding
Feels more like an abomination of a hundred of random half-baked ideas rather than a cohesive narrative
Completely falls apart around episode 8


[Movie] Inherit the Wind

Inherit the WindThis movie has been made in 1960. Why are there still creationists?

Positive: Negative:
Beautifully written, eloquent dialogue
Profound, likable characters
Engrossing plot
Solid, profound story
Enlightening on the culture of USA’s religious rural towns
Thought provoking on religion, science, and the value of the open mind

[TV Series] Deadwood

deadwoodDeadwood might be set in an amazing setting (19th century mining town) and its dialogue might be quite well-written, but it doesn’t change the fact that it has virtually no story, and most of its characters drop dead before even getting a proper arc, and those who don’t tend to get their personalities rewritten every few episodes. The whole thing felt more like a performance in a very high-budget improvisational theatre than any sort of narrative to me.

Hard to care about a character-driven show where said characters tend to base their decisions solely on “how to make things more interesting” rather than what their personalities should dictate.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating wild-west setting Aimless plot is full of threads that go nowhere
Good, authentic-sounding dialogue Overarching story is pretty much non-existent
Characters tend to change their personalities every few episodes (or die)

[Movie] Papillon

PapillonThe concept of an epic jailbreak takes a whole new meaning when the jail in question turns out to be an island in South America.

Positive: Negative:
Exotic setting A completely ridiculous 30 minutes segment that makes no sense whatsoever
Likable characters Doesn’t really have any particularly memorable “wow” moments
Engrossing plot keeps you at the edge of your seat constantly questioning if they’ll finally succeed or not
Enlightening on real history
Thought-provoking on freedom

[Movie] High Noon (1952)

High NoonNot a single shot is fired up until the very end of this amazing old-school western which seems to prefer confronting human condition, like meaningless stubbornness, trust issues in a small community, and coping with fear, to its outlaws.

I dedicate this piece to this movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03dJCwg_ibg xD

Positive: Negative:
Authentic wild west atmosphere Finale is somewhat underwhelming compared to how much build-up it had
Great old-school music
Surprisingly complex, interesting characters
Good, solid story
Thought-provoking on law and duty

Dr. House

Dr. HouseThe medicine part is a bit shaky at times, but then there are limits to the amount of research a writer can do, you’d have to have a full hospital of doctors consulting you to make a show like this foolproof.

The plot is really gripping, but there is also little substance to anything other than medical twists and mysteries here. It’s a fine light watch, I guess, but it won’t linger in your memories for long.

Positive: Negative:
Gripping plot with lots of twists
Some medicine is a bit shaky
Introduces to hospital work somewhat
Painfully bad romance
House is a cool, snarky character No overarching story
Some medicine is pretty legit Gets repetitive after a few episodes