[Game] Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution


The Hitman formula of performing stealthy and innovative kills has been nigh perfect in what’s probably my favorite Hitman game so far.

Varied missions in a variety of locations
The sneaking can get tedious, especially if you can’t figure out a spot
Polished stealth mechanics
It’s easy to lose patience and negate the game design by shooting everything up
It’s fun figuring out the best way to get the kill
The narrative feels a little bit silly

[Game] Double Dragon

Double Dragon


Once, this was quite a momentous game, but at this point it’s so outdated it’s barely playable. I felt like I spent more time fighting awkward mechanics than enemies.

One of the pioneers of the genre
Clunky fighting mechanics
Extremely short

[Game] Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn


Finally, a sandbox game with an actually carefully designed world for a change.

I liked the unique take on the combat which made you focus on exploiting various weaknesses of your machine enemies instead of just mashing buttons to beat them, and the setting came off as really interesting initially too, but… the story and characters just felt so generic and lacked any sort of tension it was really difficult to get invested in the narrative and see the whole thing through.

Beautiful visuals
Dull, generic story
Interesting post-apocalyptic setting
Boring, paper-thin characters
Actually interesting side-quests
A couple of weird design decisions makes the setting hard to treat seriously
Combat focuses on exploiting weaknesses rather than mashing buttons
Combat against human enemies kind of sucks
A fairly well designed, not copy pasted sandbox

[Game] Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus


How come I didn’t hear of this series back when it just came out? It would’ve satisfied my craving for more Crash Bandicoot a lot better than Ratchet & Clank.

Lots of well-crafted stages in varied environments
Annoying camera controls
Satisfying platforming game-play
Doesn’t offer anything particularly extraordinary
Good boss fights
Surprisingly likable characters and interesting narrative for a platformer

Best Rated Games of 2017

The year 2017 was incredibly good for games regardless of what genre you were into.

For JRPGs we got Persona 5, NieR: Automata, Ys VIII, Xenoblade Chronicles II, and Tales of Berseria which could’ve become a JRPG of the year at any other given year. I couldn’t even bring myself to play them all right away as I’m not expecting later years to be as bountiful for JRPG fans. …I can’t wait to see if Persona 5 will be the first JRPG to break into my favorites since 2008.

Meanwhile, for traditional computer RPGs we got Divinity: Original Sin II which seems to have delivered what most genre enthusiasts were waiting for decades, and Torment: Tides of Numenera, which while a bit underwhelming compared to its predecessor, still offers a very interesting story in an imaginative world. And I haven’t checked it yet, but Pyre also seems to be an extremely interesting hybrid of traditional RPG and… sports.

For more modern action oriented RPGs we got Horizon: Zero Dawn which I thought was pretty nice despite overly generic narrative and some weird design decisions, and Nioh which I’m also keeping for a special occasion since I’ve heard it was a lot like Dark Souls. …And I should probably mention The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild somewhere around here though I could never get into those games.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins looks like one of the more interesting addition to the series, while I’m always up for more Dishonored with the Death of the Outsider. And then Uncharted also received a spin-off which looks as cinematic as the main games. Middle-earth: Shadow of War looks pretty nice, but my hype has been kind of drained by the microtransaction nonsense it got itself into. I had high hopes for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, but unfortunately it ended up kind of boring and the game-play was awful. Oh yeah, and while I never really got into those series, Yakuza 0 too was released to critical acclaim in 2017.

For shooters there was Wolfenstein II which didn’t disappoint and the usual release of Call of Duty: WWII which actually focused on the story in campaign a bit more than most games in these series. …Shooters is one genre that didn’t get many memorable releases this year.

Super Mario Odyssey obviously was the biggest platformer to come out this year, but I was personally more interested in Cuphead, which turned out absolutely amazing, and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, which I still have to play, but definitely will.

Even the dying horror genre was resurrected with a surprise release of Resident Evil 7 which plays nothing like Resident Evil games, but is probably the most enjoyable addition to the series since Resident Evil 4. And while I’ve year to play it, this little foreign horror game called Detention looks extremely interesting.

Finally, for adventure games we got Danganronpa V3 which is the second game I was most hyped for in 2017 after Persona 5. I already know it’s going to be great, the only question is whether it will be better than 2. Meanwhile, What Remains of Edith Finch is definitely one of the best walking simulators made so far, though it didn’t really beat Gone Home for me. Besides that, the release of Thimbleweed Park from the guy responsible for the original Monkey Island was a very welcome surprise, even though its ending disappointed me. There’s also this weird looking adventure game Night in the Woods which I’m definitely checking out sometime soon.

All in all, 2017 was one of the best years for gaming that I can remember. It ended up adding over a thousand hours worth of gaming to my backlog.

[Game] Observer



A game with an extremely interesting premise that doesn’t quite utilize it that well with investigating someone’s consciousness consisting of wading through countless arbitrary and tedious mazes instead of experiencing something actually interesting.

Interesting, post-apocalyptic setting
More tedious than fun to play
Fascinating premise
The story advances at a snail’s pace and doesn’t really deliver

[Game] Heroes of Might and Magic II

Heroes of Might and Magic II


Heroes of Might and Magic II was quite an achievement when it just came out, but since then it had been made completely obsolete by the Heroes of Might and Magic III which is the game you should be playing if you’re interested in the series.

Great turn-based strategy game-play

[Game] Nier: Automata

Nier- Automata


It’s been a while since I’ve been so torn about something as Nier: Automata. It offers a fantastic thought-provoking setting that is a joy to explore, but the characters, plot, and even the story feel like they’re insignificant and not even all that interesting compared to what you can infer from the game’s lore and details spread across the world design and even side-quests.

I loved the narrative experience in Nier: Automata, but the best parts of it were various revelations about artificial intelligence and human condition that came about from simply observing the world than actually following the plot, so I’m not sure how to even judge it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The game-play, too, is actually pretty nicely crafted, but the overpowered healing items either make it a complete cakewalk or a nightmare if you play on a difficulty where you get one-shotted all the time.

I feel like there were multiple issues with design of this game, but the overall concept was just so good, it still turned out pretty amazing. It’s definitely a diamond in the rough, but it should be experienced by anyone interested in novel and unique concepts.

Fantastic soundtrack
The characters are simplistic and not all that interesting
Extremely well-crafted, thought-provoking dystopian setting
The plot is simplistic and not really all that interesting
Immersing melancholic atmosphere
The story feels insignificant compared to the vast lore
A narrative that sticks into your subconscious because of the details
The unbalanced difficulty ruins otherwise fairly enjoyable game-play
Thought-provoking on humankind and intelligence in general
A lot of tedious item fetching side-quests
Good general battle mechanics
The scrolling shooter parts and hacking keep the game-play fresh


[Game] Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty - WWII


Call of Duty: WWII delivers the same Call of Duty experience that pretty much all the other games in the series did. You’ll enjoy it as long as you’re not looking for something new.

You can get it on steam or amazon.

Beautiful visuals
Does little to separate itself from other games in the series
Polished, satisfying shooter game-play
Underwhelming final mission, especially compared to World at War
Lets you participate in historical battles
Reintroduction of archaic and tedious health pack mechanic

[Game] Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park


An old-school adventure game in the same vein as Monkey Island that kind of shoots itself in the foot with an overly meta ending.

Genuinely funny humor
An awful cop-out ending
Interesting, likable characters
Lots of tedious puzzles
Engrossing plot
Easy to get lost in
Old-school adventure game-play

[Game] Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares


An atmospheric platformer through a surreal, creepy world that, despite a curious narrative, can sometimes be more tedious than fun to play.

Dark, creepy atmosphere
Simplistic puzzles and platforming sometimes feel more like busywork
Interesting, surreal narrative

[Game] Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight


A fantastic homage to old school 8bit platformers and beat-’em-ups that actually surpasses them in pretty much every conceivable way. It does Megaman better than it ever did itself.

You can grab the game on steam or gog.

Good soundtrack
Intentionally outdated visuals
Great side-scroller game-play
Most boss fights are too easy

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel & The Ringed City

Ringed City


Dark Souls III expansions are a must play for any souls player, just as every single game and dlc in this series.

It seems to finally put a period to the series’ lore by pitting you against the last boss at the very end of the world. And the timing couldn’t be better as, after playing Bloodborne, I couldn’t help but feel that Dark Souls formula was starting to get a bit stale and repetitive.

It was one hell of a journey and most likely my favorite series of all time, but now I’m rather looking forward to what new concept FROM Software will develop instead.

You can grab the game on steam or amazon.

Stunning visuals
Some NPCs are easy to miss
Good music
By bloating the lore too much, the story cheapens the events of the original game
Fantastic dark and gloomy atmosphere
Not many new useful armor sets or weapons, at least from what I found
Interesting surreal story
The formula is finally starting to feel a bit stale after all these sequels and dlcs
Interesting lore
Thought-provoking, subtle storytelling
Finally delivers what feels like a conclusive end
Item placement and drops make sense lore-wise
Fantastic sense of adventure
Fantastic dungeon design
Fantastic boss fights
Fantastic battle mechanics
Challenging and extremely rewarding

[Game] Tyranny



Coming from the same company that produced Pillars of Eternity, I had extremely high expectations for Tyranny, especially since it seemed to concentrate on darker themes I like.

Unfortunately, while it’s a competent computer role-playing game in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, it fails to deliver a real sense of adventure with small dungeons, little traveling, an underwhelming, unfinished story, and boring companions. And it’s a real shame, too, since the world of the game is both quite interesting and feels well thought out.

Even the role-playing aspect doesn’t really kick in until the very end, as regardless of your choices or attitude, you always end up feeling like an errand boy for the higher powers.

That said, I still really appreciate that someone’s making this kind of games. I definitely had loads of fun with it, even if it could have been better.

You can get the game on steam or gog.

Attractive, nostalgic 2D visuals
Disappointing story
Interesting, expansive setting
Dull companions
Cool, creepy villains
Ends on a sequel bait
Old-school CRPG game-play
Very few and unmemorable dungeons
Let’s you role-play, to an extent

[Game] New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros


It captures the atmosphere of the classic to the extent it feels you’re pretty much playing the same game, just a lot easier. I can’t say that’s exactly what I’m looking for when I pick up a “new” game.

You can grab the game on amazon anytime if you still want it.

Positive: Negative:
Simple, but polished and satisfying game-play Feels like you’ve already played this before


[Game] Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

Phoenix Wright 3


A fascinating addition to the Phoenix Wright series, though unlike the popular opinion, I didn’t feel it quite surpassed the original, especially the NDS version.

You can grab the game on amazon anytime.

Positive: Negative:
Ageless 2D hand-painted graphics Investigation parts can get tedious if you can’t figure out what to do
Cool, catchy music Recurring characters feel like they are a bit out of steam
Immersing, tense atmosphere None of the cases are as crafty as the last two of the original’s NDS port
Likable, quirky characters Overarching story isn’t that memorable and supernatural elements cheapen it
Some ingenious twists
Investigating the mysteries is fun
Rubbing your findings into the faces of your opponents in court is even more fun
Good English translation


[Game] The Walking Dead – A New Frontier

The Walking Dead - A New Frontier


Well… I wasn’t hoping A New Frontier to beat the prequels, but I certainly didn’t expect this.

It’s still The Walking Dead with a few cool moral choices here and there, but most characters and the plot just feel uninspired and bland. The prequels kept me on the edge of my seat. This game just kept me wondering when the fun stuff’s supposed to be coming.

Beautiful hand-drawn character designs
The story is actually kind of bland and uninspired
Likable, well-written characters
The Garcia family is not all that interesting
Clementine is cool
Nowhere near as many memorable moments as in the prequels
Well managed moral choice system
Does not offer much in terms of game-play

[Game] The Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2


The sequel to The Evil Within drops all pretense and tells you that everything is happening in virtual reality right off the bat, so you know there are no rules or sense to all the random crap happening. It’s a somewhat competent horror game as far as game-play is concerned, but the premise just completely sabotages any chance of it having any tension or interesting narrative.

Cool, creepy atmosphere
The premise ruins all tension and any incentive to explore
Game-play is okay
Disjointed plot is hard to get invested in
Boring story
Boring characters
Open world sequences are tedious

[Game] Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor


The game offers a very-well polished sandbox experience, but the narrative that ties it together is so dull you are pretty much forced to go out of your way to entertain yourself.

Positive: Negative:
Attractive visuals Dull narrative where it feels you aren’t doing anything of significance
Good fighting and climbing mechanics The games starts feeling a bit repetitive after a while
Lots of little challenges and activities on the map
The nemesis system can get quite immersing if you give it a chance