Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored - Death of the Outsider


Due to its short length, Death of the Outsider feels more like a dlc or a spin-off to otherwise fantastic series. I definitely enjoyed the direction of the story, but the new array of sneaking powers didn’t feel as intuitive to me as in the prequels.

Beautiful visuals, impressive both from artistic and technical side
Very little memorable music
Interesting, rich, and imaginative fantasy setting
The story, despite all the embellishments, is quite predictable and straightforward
Good, immersing atmosphere
Feels either too easy or frustrating, with hardly anything inbetween
Interesting characters
Short, and feels like more of the same game-play wise
Good level design encourages exploration

[Game] Iconoclasts



A riveting adventure of a mechanic in a fascinating dystopian world on a very peculiar planet.

Good, invigorating soundtrack
Outdated visuals
A thoroughly fascinating sci-fi mystery setting
Some of the plot is obfuscated by poorly written dialogue
Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters
Well thought-out, heavy-hitting story
Thought-provoking ending
Simple, but satisfying action-platformer game-play
Good boss fights

[Game] Minit




Once you take the gimmick that allows you to advance your adventure only in one minute intervals, you’re left with a NES days Legend of Zelda clone that is both short and mostly unremarkable.

An interesting premise where you have to complete objectives in one minute intervals
Painfully simple and unremarkable once you take the one minute gimmick away
Simple, but satisfying game-play

[Game] Breath of Fire IV

breath of fire 4


Breah of Fire IV has a relatively interesting narrative and satisfying combat that allows you to utilize the whole party for a change, but its lack of difficulty and the predictable plot ultimately make it into a pretty underwhelming experience.

An adequate story with a few cool, creepy twists
Outdated visuals
Fine JRPG game-play that allows you to utilize the whole party
Abysmal movement controls
No challenge
Doesn’t stand out from the other JRPGs that much

[Game] Super Hot VR

super hot vr


Super Hot is a fascinating mix of shooter and strategy that is just beyond satisfying to play… and it’s even better in VR.

Fantastic game-play that makes you feel like in the Matrix
Too short!
The simplistic nature of game-play would make the game grow old if it was longer

[Game] Two Point Hospital

two point hospital


A tried and true formula of Theme Hospital improved in every conceivable way.

Quirky, humorous atmosphere
A few annoying design issues related to patient congestion
Extremely addicting and satisfying sim-strategy game-play
Doesn’t offer anything particularly outstanding

[Game] A Way Out

a way out


A story focused two-player adventure that’s kind of innovative, but never really succeeds at blowing your mind.

Beautiful visuals
The story is nothing special in retrospect
Likable, relatively profound characters
The ending feels a bit forced, with the most intuitive option not available
A surprising, and relatively emotional twist in the end
Doesn’t really do anything particularly outstanding
Innovative two-player only game-play
A couple of pretty awesome action sequences


[Game] Assassin’s Creed: Origins

assassin's creed origins


Assassin’s Creed Origins introduces a lot of interesting changes to the Assassin’s Creed formula, making it more of an exploration focused RPG than an action adventure.

And that’s actually exactly what I wanted from this breathtakingly beautiful series.

A vast and breathtaking world of Ptolemaic Egypt to explore
The leveling up system is too simplistic for an RPG
Lots of actually well-scripted side-quests do a good job at fleshing out the world
The fighting system is too simplistic for an RPG
Provides you with a feeling of adventure
Too little variety in enemies for an RPG
Most of the annoying “features” that bloated the previous games removed
There’s some bloat with random forts all of which start feeling the same

[Game] 11-11: Memories Retold

11-11 Memories Retold


A game set in the first world war in which you don’t fire a single bullet… or do anything else that’s much of interest.

It feels more like a walking simulator with bad visuals, though it does offer a cast of relatively nice characters and does a good job at displaying how disconnected wars are from the individuals actually fighting them on the field.

Likable, relatively profound characters
Awful, blurry visuals
Thought-provoking on the inhuman nature of war
The story is pretty average anti-war fare
Boring game-play that consists mostly of walking back and forth

[Game] The Return of Obra Dinn

The Return of Obra dinn


Having played hundreds of games, it’s pretty rare for me to find something that I truly find unique, but darn, I definitely have never played anything like The Return of Obra Dinn before.

Reliving the last moments of someone’s death and organically figuring out their identity as well as the cause for their demise made me feel like a real detective with each solved mystery giving me the same high as beating a boss in Dark Souls. I’m only depressed that due to the nature of this game, I’ll probably will never be able to experience anything like it again.

Interesting story that you have to reconstruct from nonlinear bits and pieces
Minimalistic visuals that might make you motion sick
Mind-blowing, unique adventure puzzle game-play
Short, and has next to no replay value


[Game] Banner Saga 3

Banner Saga 3


Finally, even though still pretty weak in the narrative, you get an adequate full length strategy RPG if you combine all of the Banner Saga parts together.

Interesting setting inspired by Nordic lore
Weak, poorly-told story
A unique, addicting, and satisfying strategy game-play
Underwhelming, replaceable characters

[Game] Detention



An interesting surreal horror adventure through the 1960s of Taiwan that offers both an interesting story and a small peek at the exotic country’s history and culture.

Nice, creepy atmosphere
Basic adventure game-play can feel a bit dull at parts
Interesting, surreal story
Doesn’t offer anything particularly mind-blowing or unusual
Somewhat enlightening on Taiwan’s history and culture

[Game] Dragon Quest XI

Draogn Quest XI


As usual, Dragon Quest doesn’t offer much in terms of narrative, and the adventure feels all too familiar, but its surprisingly rewarding game-play made me stick with it to the end and beyond.

It’s a perfect game to trudge through while listening to audiobooks or podcasts.

Beautiful anime-like visuals
Generic, dull story
Sense of adventure
Generic, dull characters
Simple but well-balanced and rewarding game-play
Feels the same as all the other DQ games

[Game] Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ


I’m not sure whose bright idea was to make the autocombo mechanic in Dragonball FighterZ impossible to turn off, but it not only takes any challenge from the game, but also makes it almost like an interactive movie (made up solely of people beating each other up in flashy ways), where you can win most fights by mashing one button while your character does all those crazy fighting moves you’d need days of practice to master.
It’s like… it’s a good game, but it only allows you to watch as it plays itself.
A relatively good and extensive story campaign for a fighter
Auto combos completely ruin any sort of satisfaction or challenge
Flashy fighting mechanics
Parts of the campaign feel a bit like grinding

[Game] Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers


A nice if not particularly outstanding beat’em-up that can be loads of fun on couch coop.

Many varied stages
High enemy variety
Simplistic combat
Pretty good boss fights
Not much of a narrative
Great for couch coop

[Game] The Messenger

The Messenger


The Messenger is a dream come true for the old Ninja Gaiden fans that not only revives but surpasses the original in every shape and form.

Fantastic upbeat soundtrack
The metroidvania latter half can get a bit tedious at parts
Well-written, snappy dialogue
Interesting, if not particularly mind-blowing story
Fantastic side-scroller game-play inspired by Ninja Gaiden

[Game] Dead Cells

Dead Cells


A one hour game that’s artificially extended to take up ten or more by the perma death mechanic. Dead Cells had everything I generally like about games, but having to restart the whole thing each time you made a little mistake ruined the experience for me.

It’s not even that hard except for the final stage, just tedious and unforgiving.

Dark, spooky atmosphere
Permadeath makes the experience unnecessarily tedious
Responsive, satisfying game-play
Not much of a narrative
Good stage and enemy variety

[Game] Unavowed



An urban fantasy point-and-click adventure with a huge heart. It didn’t exactly blow my mind, but the relatively unique approach to fantasy held my attention from start to finish.

Vintage, noir atmosphere
The story is pretty simplistic in its core
Interesting, likable characters
You can still get stuck without a walkthrough
A relatively engrossing plot made up of a bunch of cool set pieces
Not as obnoxious game-play-wise as most point-and-click adventures are

[Game] Frostpunk



Incredibly addicting city builder with a quite thought-provoking alternate history story.

Atmospheric music
Doesn’t offer much once you figure out all the mechanics
Challenging, satisfying, addicting game-play
Thought-provoking on ways weather can affect mankind
Alternate scenarios actually force you to play very differently