[Game] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep


I was never a huge fan of Disney, so I’ve got to admit, when I first heard of Kingdom Hearts it sounded like a pretty stupid idea to me, but the first and especially the second game of the series ended up growing on me as they had just enough of the Final Fantasy flavor to keep me interested… and the Disney worlds were surprisingly fun to explore as they still were something I experienced and enjoyed as a kid.

Birth by Sleep, though a prequel and not as grand as the two flagship titles, still offers a pretty genuine Kingdom Hearts experience and is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series.

It’s just too bad that the convoluted naming and ever-changing platforms of Kingdom Heart game releases have made it so aggravating to even figure out what order they are supposed to be played in.

Fascinating setting that combines Final Fantasy with Disney
The story has a lot of parts that are hard to take seriously
Interesting, likable characters
The convoluted nature of the overarching story will turn many people off
An interesting story with lots and lots of lore
An odd delay before blocking makes the gameplay feel clunky on higher difficulties
Surprisingly interesting plot that you explore from multiple angles
It’s nostalgic and nice to visit the worlds from your childhood movies
Challenging, fun action game-play

[Game] Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI


Soul Calibur VI offers the same awesome and flashy fighter game-play as its many prequels, but it barely feels like a new game at this point. It being a reboot not only takes you backward in the story, it means you have a smaller roster of characters to select from (as it takes place before they’re introduced).

It feels more like a step backward than forward, and I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference between it and V or even IV if I was looking at the screen from a distance.

Beautiful visuals
Underwhelming story that alternates between dull and cringeworthy
A large cast of interesting and memorable characters
Barely feels like a different game from the previous installments in the series
An actual story mode (though it’s not very good)
Actually offers a smaller roster of characters than the prequels
Top-notch 3D fighting mechanics
Subpar localization

[Game] King’s Bounty – The Legend

King's Bounty


An interesting strategy and computer role-playing hybrid that plays like an RPG version of Heroes of Might & Magic. It’s just too bad that its story reads like bad fanfiction.

Satisfying strategy game-play
The story reads like bad fanfiction
A well-designed world that’s fun to explore
Long battles start getting tedious towards the end

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored - Death of the Outsider


Due to its short length, Death of the Outsider feels more like a dlc or a spin-off to otherwise fantastic series. I definitely enjoyed the direction of the story, but the new array of sneaking powers didn’t feel as intuitive to me as in the prequels.

Beautiful visuals, impressive both from artistic and technical side
Very little memorable music
Interesting, rich, and imaginative fantasy setting
The story, despite all the embellishments, is quite predictable and straightforward
Good, immersing atmosphere
Feels either too easy or frustrating, with hardly anything inbetween
Interesting characters
Short, and feels like more of the same game-play wise
Good level design encourages exploration

[Game] Iconoclasts



A riveting adventure of a mechanic in a fascinating dystopian world on a very peculiar planet.

Good, invigorating soundtrack
Outdated visuals
A thoroughly fascinating sci-fi mystery setting
Some of the plot is obfuscated by poorly written dialogue
Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters
Well thought-out, heavy-hitting story
Thought-provoking ending
Simple, but satisfying action-platformer game-play
Good boss fights

[Game] Minit




Once you take the gimmick that allows you to advance your adventure only in one minute intervals, you’re left with a NES days Legend of Zelda clone that is both short and mostly unremarkable.

An interesting premise where you have to complete objectives in one minute intervals
Painfully simple and unremarkable once you take the one minute gimmick away
Simple, but satisfying game-play