[Novel] Music & Silence [Rose Tremain]

Music & Silence


A historical novel that while not groundbreaking gives some insight into 17th century Denmark and England with an all right plot and relatively interesting characters.

Interesting, relatively profound characters
The story, while not bad, turns out a bit underwhelming
Enlightening on the 17th century Denmark

[Novel] Shards of Honor & Barrayar (Lois McMaster Bujold)

Shardows of Honor & Barrayar


An awesome political space adventure with unbelievably likable characters.

Interesting, intergalactic setting
Offers very little actual science
Awesome, likable, interesting, unique, profound characters
Doesn’t offer anything particularly groundbreaking
Engrossing plot full of twists and surprises
A solid story fueled by merciless politics of an unstable planet

[Novel] The Magicians (Lev Grossman)

The Magicians


Known as the Harry Potter for adults, The Magicians, unfortunately, abbreviates most of its fun parts in the magic school to the benefit of dull adventures in a fairly standard high fantasy land in the latter half.

Interesting urban fantasy setting
Dull and underwhelming latter half
Likable characters
Doesn’t really offer much that other better fantasy books hadn’t already
The various hijinks of learning magic in the magic school are pretty fun

[Novel] 2312 (Kim Stanley Robinson)



A fascinating hard sci-fi account of a future where mankind has colonized the solar system which unfortunately follows a cast of really poorly written characters and a plot that’s somehow both bland and all over the place.

You definitely read this book for the world and the science behind it… not what’s actually happening in it.

Fascinating, well-researched setting of a far future
The characters, especially the protagonist either act like children or are painfully dull
Lots of awesome hard sci-fi concepts
The plot is all over the place and fails to captivate you

[Novel] Summer of Night (Dan Simmons)

Summer of Night


An entertaining horror story centering around a haunted school and a bunch of kids involved in the affair set in 60s, somewhat reminiscent of Stephen King’s “It.”

Light and conversational, but pleasant and flowing prose
The story doesn’t offer anything particularly unusual
Likable, relatively profound characters
Immersing plot with an odd surprising twist here and there
Genuinely spooky, unnerving atmosphere