[Novel] Horrorstor (Grady Hendrix)



The true horror in this book is working in customer service. The boogeyman that appear later are kind of forgettable, but the social commentary made this book for me.

Likable, relatable characters
The supernatural horror parts are kind of forgettable
Thought-provoking on the horrors of customer service

[Novel] The Gulag Archipelago Volume I (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Gulag Archipelago

The book that destroyed the Soviet Union. The scariest part about communism was how it was well intentioned and most atrocities were caused by people who thought they were doing everything in the name of good.

…Except for Stalin, if you thought Hitler was bad, you should learn about this guy.

A heartfelt and detailed account of everything wrong with communism
Illuminating on Russian history and culture
Thought-provoking on politics and human nature


[Novel] World’s Fair (E.L. Doctorow)

World's Fair


A thoroughly immersing and enlightening account of a single relatively poor family’s life in 1930s New York.

Lively, pleasant prose
Doesn’t really lead to a dramatic conclusion
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Can feel a bit dull at times if you’re not interested in the characters
Enlightening on the life in New York City of the 1930s

[Novel] Tobacco Road (Erskine Caldwell)

Tobacco Road


An interesting look at the culture of poor farmers in early 20th century rural America.

It really hit me how culture has such a profound effect on our lives that I sometimes find more things in common with fictional space aliens than characters based on real people.

You can grab the audiobook or kindle on amazon.

Relatively interesting characters
Doesn’t really offer anything mind-blowing or out of the ordinary
Enlightening on poor farmer culture in 20th century America
Can be a bit dull at times if you have a hard time relating to characters
Thought-provoking on human nature and the effect upbringing has on it

[Novel] The Last Kingdom (Bernard Cornwell)

The Last Kingdom


It reads almost like a fantasy novel at times, but The Last Kingdom is a very interesting depiction of the conflicts between English and the Danes in 9th century AD.

You can grab an audiobook or kindle on amazon.

Interesting, likable characters
Feels a bit more like a fantasy adventure than a historical novel
Relatively interesting plot
Doesn’t offer anything particularly memorable
Enlightening on 9th century England and Denmark