[Anime] A Place Further than the Universe

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho


A slice of life anime about a bunch of high school girls who get an idea to visit Antartica… that turns out surprisingly fun, though it kind of runs out of steam in the latter half.

An interesting premise
Unattractive character designs
Likable, relatively profound characters
Underwhelming ending

[Anime] Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden


For all its pretty visuals, Violet Evergarden barely does anything with them, telling a dull story in a dull world with little to nothing of interest happening.

There are a few highlights in its episodic story, my favorite being how she ends up guiding a playwright to make up with his past, but it never really achieves this cerebral high of the episodic greats like Kino no Tabi or Mushishi. Most of the time it’s just boring.

Fantastic animation
Dull characters
Beautiful soundtrack
Dull plot
Thought-provoking on war
Dull story

[Anime] Sangatsu no Lion

Sangatsu no Lion


Note: this impression is based on the first season of the show.

A shogi anime that’s more about its realistic, profound characters and fancy SHAFT animation than the actual sport. It has some stuff going for it, but the lack of clear goal and extremely slow pace bored the hell out of me.

Unique and artistic SHAFT animation
Dull plot
Realistic, profound characters
Extremely slow pace
Characters aren’t all that interesting
Fails to make shogi any interesting, or even explain it properly for that matter

[Anime] The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar


This caught my attention for the first few episodes as I think this was the first time I saw a MMORPG anime where ppl didn’t get stuck in it and were actually playing it as esports. Unfortunately, the rest of the story turned out to be mostly just random things happening that you can barely follow since you don’t know the rules of the game and it doesn’t even go anywhere since it’s unfinished.

Though I still appreciated the fact the main character was shown, not told (*cough* SAO *cough*) to be an actually super talented player.

I’d probably check out the sequel to this, but as stand alone, it just doesn’t feel like it offers much of value.

Interesting premise
The plot is pretty much just a bunch of random things happening
Likable characters
Most of the time you have no idea what the game’s rules are
Nice, flashy fights

[Anime] Welcome to the Ballroom

Welcome to the Ballroom


Welcome to the Ballroom would have definitely been better… or at least watchable if it was a shoujo show. The shounen hard work and teamwork approach just felt awkward in the context of dancing and most character interactions were so cringeworthy I couldn’t even finish the show.

Interesting premise
Awkward animation makes dancing more creepy than graceful
Boring, annoying characters
The plot follows the usual shounen pattern
Doesn’t offer anything of interest or note

[Anime] The Eccentric Family

The Eccentric Family


This impression is based on the first season of the show.

An imaginative show with very well-written dialogue and characters that unfortunately doesn’t really go anywhere as it’s more about creating funny situations than telling a coherent story; but then the philosophy it introduces is about striving for chaos and excitement even if it endangers one’s life, so I suppose that’s just too be expected.

Imaginative, fairy-tale like setting
The story doesn’t have a clear direction
Likable, profound characters
Well-written dialogue
Thought-provoking on life and whether we’re taking it too seriously

[Anime] Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki


Youjo Senki has an interesting premise, but the plot fails to build on it.

The story stumbles around as the protagonist gets thrown into random military operations that have nothing to do with her personal quest, so naturally you are never invested in any of them either. The whole thing boils down to watching characters react to whatever is happening to them rather than following some sort of a plot. And given how it’s incomplete, I’m not even sure if we’re any further in the story in episode twelve than we were in episode one.

Oh, and the reason protagonist is a little girl is actually explained in a very interesting way. I almost skipped this show because I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously, but, turns out, Tanya is not exactly what she seems on the surface.

Interesting premise
Characters other than the protagonist are forgettable
Interesting, alternate history setting
The plot doesn’t seem to have a clear direction and just stumbles around
Interesting, likable protagonist
And that makes it darn boring at times

[Anime] Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss


This impression is based on the first season of the show.

An imaginative horror show that initially tricks you with its cute outward appearance, but since most of its content hinges on the mystery of the Abyss, it’s pretty much useless in its current incomplete state.

It’s way too early to tell whether it’ll turn out to be amazing or will be a disappointment, so I wouldn’t really recommend picking it up until it’s finished. It honestly reminds me of the Southern Reach trilogy, and I can totally see it fizzling out in the same way.

Imaginative, fascinating setting
Boring, cliche characters
The mystery of the Abyss is extremely interesting
The plot feels like a simple adventure story with horror elements… so far
Lots of delicious horror scenes that don’t let the characters get off easy
So incomplete, it feels more like a trial than a full-fledged product


[Anime] Boku no Hero Academia

My Hero Academia


*Note: this impression is based on the first two seasons of the show.

Boku no Hero Academia comes off like something you’d get if you mixed Hunter x Hunter and One Punch Man, and took away most of what made those shows smart and original.

It’s a traditional shounen flare with a few nice ideas here and there, but it doesn’t offer anything that older shows haven’t done better already.

Likable characters
Moves at a snail’s pace
Delivers the traditional shounen experience
Feels like a small part of much bigger story with villains still barely introduced
Offers little what older shounen shows haven’t already

[Anime] ReLife



An interesting school drama that bases it concept on what it would be to return to being a highschooler after ten years. I somehow managed to accidentally watch this when I was the exact same age as the protagonist, lol.

*Update: And then I finally finished it when I was a year older (T_T). The four extra episodes that constitute the ending to the anime are worth watching if you liked what you’ve seen so far, but overall, they’re nothing special and only deliver a conclusion you were already expecting.

Positive: Negative:
Attractive character designs Story and plot, while interesting, are nothing special
Interesting premise The final twist is kind of dull
Interesting, likable characters
Makes you feel pleasantly nostalgic about your youth



[Anime] Danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3


Darn, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this even if its reception didn’t quite qualify for my watch-list since I liked Danganronpa so much, but…

All I wanted was to see how the Danganronpa’s main villain managed to corrupt her lieutenants and convince the world to embrace despair, but besides being simply bad in almost every possible category, this anime provides an answer that is the laziest copout ever, ruining everything the original games had set up in the worst way possible. I thought I’d enjoy this show regardless of its quality since I liked the original’s characters so much, but it only succeeded at pissing me off and made me wish I never watched it. I’ve seen better backstory ideas in random Danganronpa’s ero doujinshi.

Enoshima Junko gets a lot of screentime
Underwhelming animation
Horrible story
Dumb plot
All the original characters are awful
Ruins all the awesome stuff that the games had set up

[Anime] Shingeki no Kyojin s2

Shingeki no Kyojin s2


Shingeki no Kyojin is one of my favorite currently ongoing anime series and the second season doesn’t disappoint with more gore, tense action, super creepy giants, and more mysteries to enrich the fascinating dark setting.

I just hope it doesn’t get stalled in the middle and it does know where it’s going with all those mysteries piling on top of each other as it’d would suck if this developed into another “Lost” situation.

Positive: Negative:
Good character and monster designs
Awkward dialogue
Great action scenes
The protagonist is kind of annoying
Fine music
Slow pace
Interesting, mysterious setting
Incomplete (please just don’t stall in the middle)
Tense dark atmosphere
Most of the details behind the setting are still unexplained (and I truly hope they actually have answers)
Likable characters
Engrossing plot with lots of mysteries getting unraveled and questions raised
Important characters actually die in battles
Good at portraying the horribleness of war and death

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho


Although it has a relatively unique premise, Mob Psycho soon throws most of its novel concepts away and adapts itself to the usual fighting shounen tropes.

A unique premise focusing on psychic powers and ghosts
Falls right into the usual shounen tropes just after a few episodes
Genuinely funny humor
Doesn’t offer anything particularly special
Likable characters
Lack of memorable female characters
Some cool fights

[Anime] Durarara!!



A wacky representation of Ikebukuro with dozens of fascinating characters.

It’s just too bad that, despite being fun all the way through, the plot doesn’t feel like it has a clear direction and fizzles out rather than ending with a bang.

Positive: Negative:
Cool, upbeat atmosphere The plot doesn’t have a clear direction most of the time
Lots and lots of wacky, likable, and memorable characters Underwhelming ending
Engrossing plot with countless twists
Does a good job at representing crazy life in a giant, fast-paced city in a hyperbolised way


[Anime] Hunter x Hunter (2011)



Hunter x Hunter is about the only shounen that doesn’t treat its audience like idiots with its fights being decided by cunning and strategy as opposed to nakama power.

The only reason I don’t give it a full score is that it’s unlikely to ever get finished as even when the mangaka decides to stop stalling, he just starts introducing new things instead of solving what he’s already set up (all episodes with Phantom Troupe are 5/5 though).

Positive: Negative:
A couple of nice music tracks Slow pace (especially ant arc)
Fascinating setting full of imagination Some plot threads go nowhere
Interesting, likable, memorable, relatively profound characters Everything about Alluka feels like a copout
Captivating, suspenseful plot full of twists Unfinished
Good action scenes
Yorknew City arc is amazing
Ingenious mind-games and situations


[Anime] Glass Mask



A fantastic shoujo show with one of the most endearing protagonists in anime that mixes show business and romance at just the right amounts. It might have even made it to my favorites if it didn’t leave you blueballed at the most interesting point.

…And if you’re planning to read the manga, I wouldn’t recommend going past volume 47 as the latest chapter ends on the cruelest cliffhanger ever only for it to get stalled for four goddamn years.

Positive: Negative:
Great, effective background music The pacing of earlier episodes is way too fast with one volume adapted to one episode
Interesting, likable characters Unfinished
Fantastic protagonist that’s both endearing and scary at the same time
Addicting plot with countless twists
Solid story that hits all the right notes
Surprisingly heavy-hitting romance despite the two leads having very little time together
A fascinating take on the show business of professional acting

[Anime] Cross Game


I guess baseball being innately a less active sport is party to blame, but after Haikyuu, this sports anime felt painfully dull.

Positive: Negative:
Despite being dull, most characters have quite a bit of depth Ugly character designs
The world of the story comes off as very consistent and meticulously crafted Dull characters that all talk like they are fifty years old
Dull plot that mostly consists of slice of life than goddamn baseball
Dull sports matches


[Anime] Haikyuu!!


A volleyball anime that while average on pretty much everything else offers some insanely tense and satisfying matches. If you’re into sports anime, you’ve got to watch this.

Positive: Negative:
Good music Everything other than the volleyball matches is kinda dull and forgettable
Likable characters No memorable female characters or romance to spice things up
Tense, satisfying, memorable volleyball matches
Teaches all you need to know about volleyball
Though technically still ongoing ends on an extremely satisfying point


[Anime] Gate


Despite the at the first sight original concept, Gate soon devolves into just another alternate world anime with poorly constructed setting, flimsy characters, and weak plot that panders to both otakus and this time… the Japan’s Self-Defense Force. Though… unlike most of isekai garbage it tries to concentrate more on armies than individual heroes, and I’ve got to admit, seeing a legion of medieval soldiers get overwhelmed and annihilated by mortars and other modern warfare tactics can be a very empowering and cathartic experience.

I just wish that instead of trying to make every single member of JSDF into a Jesus Christ figure, the anime depicted them in a more realistic gray-like fashion… and also gave them an actual threat to fight against.

Positive: Negative:
Attractive character designs The setting is not thought-through with a world that feels like a bunch of random fantasy tropes thrown in together
Interesting premise Characters are not properly fleshed out with muddled motivations
Characters, despite everything, are still pretty likable The protagonist keeps displaying contradictory character traits which makes it impossible to treat him seriously
Looking at modern technology completely obliterate everything in its path is pretty cool Straightforward story that lacks both originality and integrity
Dull, predictable plot that severely lacks tension due to the lack of balance of warring factions
An unrealistic black and white portrayal of the JSDF and medieval society