[Novel] Horrorstor (Grady Hendrix)



The true horror in this book is working in customer service. The boogeyman that appear later are kind of forgettable, but the social commentary made this book for me.

Likable, relatable characters
The supernatural horror parts are kind of forgettable
Thought-provoking on the horrors of customer service

[Game] Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3


Just Cause 3 is a pretty good game, but… it’s just so similar to Just Cause 2, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, and even that one already had problems with being overly repetitive and drawn out. I literally felt like I was playing the same game and the narrative didn’t offer much either, so I just… kind of stopped after a couple of hours of game-play and just couldn’t pick the game again.

I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t played Just Cause 2, but otherwise there’s not much new to find here, unless you feel like replaying Just Cause 2.

A huge, beautiful sandbox to explore
Forgettable story and characters
Being able to destroy almost everything is awesome
Some basic features, like hiding in cover and sprinting are missing
Grappling hook mechanic is awesome
Liberating settlements is extremely repetitive
Lots of cool racing and flying challenges
Feels almost identical to the prequel

[Game] The Movies

The Movies


A nice sim strategy game that combines The Sims with Theme Park-like building to experience running an American movie studio through history.

I kind of lost interest once the stars I nurtured ended up growing old and retiring, but I was having quite a blast with this game until then.

Addicting sim-strategy game-play
No campaign, just a sandbox with achievements
The experience is kind of ruined by your actors retiring
Some micromanagement feels clunky


[Anime] The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar


This caught my attention for the first few episodes as I think this was the first time I saw a MMORPG anime where ppl didn’t get stuck in it and were actually playing it as esports. Unfortunately, the rest of the story turned out to be mostly just random things happening that you can barely follow since you don’t know the rules of the game and it doesn’t even go anywhere since it’s unfinished.

Though I still appreciated the fact the main character was shown, not told (*cough* SAO *cough*) to be an actually super talented player.

I’d probably check out the sequel to this, but as stand alone, it just doesn’t feel like it offers much of value.

Interesting premise
The plot is pretty much just a bunch of random things happening
Likable characters
Most of the time you have no idea what the game’s rules are
Nice, flashy fights

[Game] Celeste



And I had people tell me that shitty story is part of platformer genre. I wish Nintendo games were half as engaging as this gem.

Beautiful, artistic stage design
SNES level graphics
Interesting, heartfelt story about anxiety and depression
Likable, relatively profound characters
Great and varied platforming game-play
Challenging difficulty

[Novel] The Gulag Archipelago Volume I (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Gulag Archipelago

The book that destroyed the Soviet Union. The scariest part about communism was how it was well intentioned and most atrocities were caused by people who thought they were doing everything in the name of good.

…Except for Stalin, if you thought Hitler was bad, you should learn about this guy.

A heartfelt and detailed account of everything wrong with communism
Illuminating on Russian history and culture
Thought-provoking on politics and human nature


[Game] Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG


I never imagined I’d actually enjoy this, but the story in this installment of Mario somehow wasn’t completely abysmal, though it still takes a backseat to game-play as usual in Nintendo games… which is still definitely for the best.

Sense of adventure
The story is very basic
Surprisingly likable characters
The setting is kind of silly
Platforming sections add variety
Though aged well, still a bit outdated
Simple, but nice turn-based game-play