[Game] Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Old Hunters


The Old Hunters adds even more lore to an already fantastic narrative, but taking place in a dream it allows for a bit nonsensical level design, and also doesn’t feel as significant story-wise as the original game.

That said, as usual with From Software, it’s more of an expansion pack than a mere DLC, and is easily a must-play for any Souls series fan.

Fantastic visuals both technically and artistically
The story is very hard to follow without looking things up
Immersing, dark atmosphere
A lot of easily missable important NPCs
Cool orchestral music during boss fights
Apart from looks armor sets have very little variation game-play wise
Amazing setting inspired by Victorian horror stories
The fact DLC takes place in a dream allows for a bit nonsensical level design
Fascinating, surreal story
Doesn’t really blow your mind like the original as you already know what to expect
Deep, complex lore
Thought-provoking storytelling
All item placement and drops make sense lore-wise
Good sense of adventure
Good dungeon design
Fantastic boss fights
Fantastic battle mechanics
Challenging difficulty

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