[Game] Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Though I thoroughly enjoyed the first Tomb Raider remake, I felt like the second had lost some of its charm through large chunks of poorly designed content, and the third game only seems to follow the same trend.

I could neither get into the story nor enjoy the game-play that much, even though it’s technically the same as the first Tomb Raider remake that I loved. There aren’t as many flashy action sequences, and the game is simply poorly designed with long stretches of dull content that even the shootouts fail to spark any life in.

It honestly feels more like most of the game has been designed by a random map generator rather than a human being.

Beautiful, high-end visuals
The story is kind of dull
Good climbing mechanics
The characters are boring and not interesting
Good shooting mechanics
The game-play doesn’t utilize its mechanics and feels like a chore

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