[Game] Blazblue Central Fiction

Blazblue Centralfiction


The conclusion to Blazblue’s epic story that adds even more playable characters to a whooping total of thirty-six.

…And the English localization seems to have improved slightly since Chronophantasma.

Attractive 2D visuals
Almost no game-play in the story mode
Awesome soundtrack
Fascinating sci-fi setting inspired by quantum mechanics
Interesting, likable characters
An extremely convoluted but awesome story
Fantastic 2D fighter game-play
Great multiplayer

2 thoughts on “[Game] Blazblue Central Fiction

  1. i wouldn’t say 5/5 but the storyline/plot creates a great attachment to the player that it buys them. I don’t HATE the game but it’s lacking in several areas and this is coming from a MAJOR Blazblue fan. So Graphics are what you would expect from Blazblue plus some nice lil Anime “Movies” so that’s good

    Gameplay however…well here’s my problem. In The first one you could use the right stick to pull off special moves. The second introduced a “Stylish” system which was for helping new players be it new to Blazblue or to fighting games at all this was good too however it heavily favored technical users as it was so easy for an online player to counter this system and set the styleish player up for an easy win. Being a Technical myself I got plenty of wins off this but I’m not one to favor one sided fights even if I am the winner. Then came the third where they improved both. Technical’s like me had a few moves that the styleish ones wouldn’t use as the button mashing didn’t include them. Stylish users had more moves in their button mashing and could use any special with ease. This wasn’t always a good thing either as some combos lead into a distortion (Super move) when you didn’t want to do this which encouraged players to learn the combos for a character see them with styleish and such then pushed them to go to technical Combo examples is what they were which helped them go “Ok well this is good but I bet I could improve on this by doing it like-” So it helped BOTH sides have fun. However while the combo assisting is still there the whole arsenal isn’t. The new system allows pushing of the R2 button to do special attacks instantly in an effort to push players into Technical they dumbed down the damage.

    Now…this isn’t the worst thing ever. My main problem is how they seemed to just release the game then tell their entire fan base they don’t matter. No reply to a 5K plus petition and speaking out of their own voice actors for no english dubbing. But this isn’t the worst part here’s what is their own Terms of Service are REALLY simplified. Not a ton of legal terms however one is forced to click “Agreed” about 8 times for 8 different things you agree to (Not cheating, not harassing, not threating, not causing mental stress, it goes on and on.) All of which finish with the “If you are caught your account will be suspended.” Meaning no online play. This isn’t held up at all. I got not being able to monitor thousands of games at a time, that’s a given. However the forms…If I were to sit down I could monitor that easily as they’re not done by threads rather simple posting with no comments. Upon entering A LOT of the very things you’re forced to agree upon are being reported. Nothing is done. Now…it can be said for any game that no one reads the terms of service. They click “I have read and agree to the rules.” Then move on to play. This is true for most, however they are there it’s like the laws you only need to know and abide by the basics of the basics yet you could get through life fine.

    Story: Hard as hell to spoil anything cause Blazblue’s story is one of the most insanely complex stories ever. But…it’s bad. For the first two games you were given a story from each character’s propective which had three endings (True, bad and gag.) The third was more straightforward three stories One for the six heroes, one for the main cast and one Sector Seven. The timeline was shown and it was easier to understand even for newcomers to the series it helped them get into it. (A good friend of mine jumped in on the third game and was able to get it despite it still being confusing.) while once again here it’s still confusing it’s even more so than ever. As with the third game it lacks actual gameplay and is more like watching a movie without all the movement. Fixed poses and such even more so than before, now. This is where The English Cast came in they put the emotion into the dialog. It felt like you wanted to hear them say it not just read it and skip ahead to the next dialog line before they finished talking. Also several things that are included in the games codex yet were never really a thing in the games themselves are just NOW being noticed? You’ve had them in gameplay but story only sees them now? Whats worse is how much is “Lost” BB has unique interactions with characters who have a history which is nearly everyone with everyone. Not subbing a fight I get (That’s distracting) Not subbing intro’s? That’s bad especially for a climax here. Yes this is the final game in the series why drop GOOD voice actors now?

    Despite all this gameplay is fun. It has characters that are all unique and play VERY differently. Moreso than most fighters. The game even helps you learn how to play characters in a tutorial on them. Teaching you A LOT more than any fighter I’ve played. Music is good too. Online play isn’t that good though as I have good internet speed and the input lag is BAD. While you can’t do anything about actual players (They are who they are.) This community is the fighting game version of League of Legends.


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