[Game] Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0.jpg


It’s been a while since I checked any of the Yakuza games as they always felt clunky and full of redundant boring content that bloated the experience… but apparently, unknown to me, they’ve been improving with every release as Yakuza 0 feels like a Yakuza game with most of the grievances I had with the previous installments in the series fixed.

It has an interesting story with likable characters, side-quests are actually kind of funny (though still a bit too unnecessarily plentiful), and the game-play feels tight and rewarding.

Beautiful, high-end visuals
The map you explore is small and reused from previous games
Interesting, likable, profound characters
The amount of side-quests can be overwhelming and turn you off from the game
A relatively engrossing plot
Exploration is not very fun
A solid story inspired by Japanese underworld
Satisfying brawling game-play
Let’s you have a taste of Japanese culture quirks, such as hostess clubs

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