[VN] Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?

Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka

A visual novel that sounds like nothing but a nukige, yet turns out to be a fairly interesting mix of comedy, chuuni, and actually relatively well thought-out story instead… though I still had a very hard time taking some of its plot seriously.

Release: 2018 (Qruppo)
Writers: Kamichika YuuKurahone Naoto
Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: Sol Press (upcoming)
Ratings: VNDB (7.81); EGS (8.18)


Visual Novel

I think I might have been more taken in by Nukitashi if I had started it expecting a dumb nukige like its title tricks you to think, but, unfortunately, by the time I picked it up, everyone was already talking how great it was, so my expectations were naturally high.

And while the game did indeed turn out way better than anything I’d have expected from its premise, offering loads of hilarious comedy, likable characters, surprisingly well-written chuuni fights and action scenes, and even exploring the idea of a sex island from a realistic political point of view, I nonetheless never felt like it succeeded at completely hooking me up.


I think part of the problem was that I had a hard time seeing past the silliness of the premise even when the plot started getting more serious.

Unlike 2017’s Apeiria that somehow makes the protagonist literally fighting with his dick 100% believable, Nukitashi never succeeded at making me completely buy its idea of sex toys being used as proper weapons or school council members randomly happening to have near superhuman fighting abilities.


The plot also takes forever to get anywhere, there being a bit too many gags and trivial action scenes slowing the pace down. It also doesn’t help that almost nothing of interest happens in the first route you’ll most likely play (Katagiri’s), and that all routes follow a similar general pattern, just revealing more and going further each time.

I’d recommend ctrl’ing through Katagiri, and focusing on the further routes, where everything actually starts becoming more interesting.


Another point that held me back from loving this show is the lack of believable romance, with female characters on the enemy side usually stealing the spotlight from the actual heroines, which are funny, but not that thrilling as romantic interests.

I’d have definitely preferred to romance the student council members instead.


The relationship between the protagonist and the true route heroine happens to be the weakest and least believable of them all, the two coming off more as siblings than lovers.


I’m also pissed that my favorite character, protagonist’s actual little sister, Asane, not only doesn’t get a route, but doesn’t even get to participate in a single ero scene.

What the hell kind of missed opportunity is that? She had better chemistry with the protagonist despite their blood relation than all the other heroines combined. >_<


In any case, while I definitely enjoyed Nukitashi, I found it too long and slow moving, and despite it doing a marvelous job with its premise, the ridiculousness of it still ended up taking something away from the more serious and dramatic parts of the story.

You’ll probably love it if you come expecting something stupid, but be careful with your expectations if you’re bracing for a mind-blowing experience. It’s a good comedy with fairly well-implemented chuuni elements and a few unusual thought-provoking ideas, but that’s about it.


Attractive character designs
Low number of non erotic CGs
An utterly ridiculous, but surprisingly well-thought out premise
Some parts of the premise are still hard to take seriously
Likable, funny characters
Heroines are not that interesting, and all the best girls are not romanceable
Genuinely funny comedy
Slow pace
A surprisingly solid story
All routes follow a similar pattern
Actually thought-provoking on the political implications of a sex island
A lot of missed opportunities for better erotic content

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