[Game] Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3


Just Cause 3 is a pretty good game, but… it’s just so similar to Just Cause 2, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, and even that one already had problems with being overly repetitive and drawn out. I literally felt like I was playing the same game and the narrative didn’t offer much either, so I just… kind of stopped after a couple of hours of game-play and just couldn’t pick the game again.

I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t played Just Cause 2, but otherwise there’s not much new to find here, unless you feel like replaying Just Cause 2.

A huge, beautiful sandbox to explore
Forgettable story and characters
Being able to destroy almost everything is awesome
Some basic features, like hiding in cover and sprinting are missing
Grappling hook mechanic is awesome
Liberating settlements is extremely repetitive
Lots of cool racing and flying challenges
Feels almost identical to the prequel

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