[Game] Tyranny



Coming from the same company that produced Pillars of Eternity, I had extremely high expectations for Tyranny, especially since it seemed to concentrate on darker themes I like.

Unfortunately, while it’s a competent computer role-playing game in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, it fails to deliver a real sense of adventure with small dungeons, little traveling, an underwhelming, unfinished story, and boring companions. And it’s a real shame, too, since the world of the game is both quite interesting and feels well thought out.

Even the role-playing aspect doesn’t really kick in until the very end, as regardless of your choices or attitude, you always end up feeling like an errand boy for the higher powers.

That said, I still really appreciate that someone’s making this kind of games. I definitely had loads of fun with it, even if it could have been better.

You can get the game on steam or gog.

Attractive, nostalgic 2D visuals
Disappointing story
Interesting, expansive setting
Dull companions
Cool, creepy villains
Ends on a sequel bait
Old-school CRPG game-play
Very few and unmemorable dungeons
Let’s you role-play, to an extent

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