[VN] Tsukikage no Simulacre


A fairly simple mystery horror story set in a big mansion in rural Japan.

Release: 2017 (Applique)
Writers: Kizuki (Concerto Note, Tasogare no Sinsemilla)
Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: None
Ratings: VNDB (7.74); EGS (7.78)

Visual Novel

All that I’ve read of Kizuki so far has turned out to be pretty underwhelming, and Tsukikage no Simulacre is no exception.

It has fairly nice atmosphere, okay characters, and uncharacteristically good pacing, but while it doesn’t necessarily do anything poorly, it doesn’t excel at or surprise you with anything either.


It may be worth a read if you’re starving for a horror visual novel, but there are definitely better choices out there.

Good background music
Dull writing style
Spooky atmosphere
Bland protagonist
Good pacing
Doesn’t offer anything new or particularly interesting
It’s interesting to unlock new choices after reaching bad ends

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