[Anime] Danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3


Darn, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this even if its reception didn’t quite qualify for my watch-list since I liked Danganronpa so much, but…

All I wanted was to see how the Danganronpa’s main villain managed to corrupt her lieutenants and convince the world to embrace despair, but besides being simply bad in almost every possible category, this anime provides an answer that is the laziest copout ever, ruining everything the original games had set up in the worst way possible. I thought I’d enjoy this show regardless of its quality since I liked the original’s characters so much, but it only succeeded at pissing me off and made me wish I never watched it. I’ve seen better backstory ideas in random Danganronpa’s ero doujinshi.

Enoshima Junko gets a lot of screentime
Underwhelming animation
Horrible story
Dumb plot
All the original characters are awful
Ruins all the awesome stuff that the games had set up

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