[Game] Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Danganronpa 2


A fantastic sequel to a fantastic game that delivers everything the original did and more.

Attractive character designs
Not fully voiced
Memorable, wacky soundtrack
Some murders come off convoluted to the extent it’s detrimental to the perpetrator
Good voice-acting
Interesting characters that are forced to “retire” early feel wasted
Bizarre and mysterious yet upbeat atmosphere
No proper romance options
Interesting, extremely likable, quirky, and relatively profound characters
The free roaming sections in-between murders still feel like a waste of time
Monokuma and Monomi are awesome
Disappointing English localization
Interesting, thought-provoking story
Captivating plot full of mysteries and twists
Awesome ending twist
A couple of ingenious detective tricks
A couple of strong emotional scenes, especially when it comes down to unexpected betrayals
Solving and re-enacting mysteries is incredibly fun

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