[VN] Silverio Trinity

シルヴァリオ トリニティ

A sequel to Silverio Vendetta that capitalizes a bit better on its interesting setting and is woven together tighter, but offers a less interesting cast of characters and even worse pacing.

Release: 2017 (light)
Writers: Kurashiki Tatsuya, Takahama Ryou, Morima Marimo
                    Aya/Gilbert – 3/5
                    Mistel/Dainsleif – 3/5
                    Rain/Kerberos – 3/5

                    True/Helios – 3/5
Japanese difficulty: V. Hard
English: Not Available
Ratings: VNDB (8.32); EGS (8.21)

Visual Novel

Silverio Vendetta was one of the most uneven visual novels I’d read; its main route was great, but the awful side routes you had to clear to unlock it almost ruined the whole experience. Luckily, Silverio Trinity does not share the same problem — all of its routes are of similar quality.

That said, while the worst of Trinity is leagues better than the worst in Vendetta, nothing it really does compares to the best of Vendetta either. It’s at best… a lukewarm (heh) experience.


Trinity does a good job at capitalizing on its setting by introducing other factions on the world map and focusing more on the situation at the global scale rather than just inner workings of the Empire.

Though I wish it tried to play politics a bit more instead of having single superhumans constantly define the battlefield… though I guess that’s chuuni for you.


The protagonist this time around is a terribly dull reader-insert loser that happens to contain the gate that connects him to a demigod that he can channel at the cost of burning away his life. The idea is pretty cool and thematically it’s very well conveyed through an allegory to the old Icarus’ myth. It’s just too bad the actual protagonist is so boring, especially given how awesome Zephyr was in Vendetta.

Which brings me to another one of my pet peeves in visual novels — the fact that all heroines love the protagonist for absolutely no reason. It’s so bad in Silverio Trinity in particular that it nearly ruins all of their characters. Their love for protagonist is not only inexplicable, it clashes with their personalities. As such, like in most light games, it’s the villains that end up taking the spotlight.

Each route focuses not as much on a heroine as a particular villain, and they’re all awesome in their own right. My favorite was probably Fafnir who was basically the villain version of a hero that never gives up. You can break his arms and legs and he’ll still find a way to crawl to you and bite your throat.


Silverio Trinity carries on the theme of heroism and justice being just the other side of the coin of despotism. Its message of them being incompatible with human nature comes through particularly well.

…Mainly because the game’s text keeps rambling on and on about it. I swear I read the same tirade about heroes this and normal people that at least once in every route. It came to the point I was tempted to start skipping whenever I’d feel it was starting again. Repetitive and rambling text is a recurring problem throughout the game and more times than not makes it a slog to read… even though it’s pretty good on a technical level.


But if you thought repetitive text was slowing the pace, then brace yourself for an insane amount of super stretched-out battles most of which don’t even matter that much as almost no one important ever dies anyway. The last battle in particular took me like five hours to read through. Somebody should seriously teach those guys about the idea that action is usually fun because it’s fast paced.

I’m fairly sure at least 60% of the game’s script consists of battles this time around.


In the end, Silverio Trinity is a pretty run-of-the-mill chuuni experience with cool bigger-than-life villains, interesting setting, and lots of cool pseudo-philosophy. Probably not a good idea to touch it if you can’t stomach long-winded battle scenes or are looking for believable romance though.

High production values
Rambling, cumbersome prose
Attractive character designs
Awful, dull protagonist
A couple of really awesome tracks in the soundtrack
Boring heroines that barely feel important
Interesting setting
Terrible romance
Cool villains
Predictable plot
Lots of awesome stylish chuuni moments
Lethargic pace
Somewhat enlightening on Greek myths
Thought-provoking on the harm of blind heroism and forced justice

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