[Game] Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria


Tales of Berseria has probably the strongest start of any game in the series and its cast of antiheroes and outcasts is a much needed gust of fresh air to the usual formula, but it’s also marred down by a lackluster dungeon design,  a dull world, and an exceedingly boring middle where the story pretty much stops for twenty hours as you busy yourself with a giant fetch quest.

That said, although not perfect, it’s still the best Tales game I played since Vesperia (mainly because of the amazing cast of characters). It’s funny how they had to hit rock bottom with Zestiria to finally get their act together.

Attractive, cool character designs
Environment is boring and lacks detail
Great background music
Boring dungeons
Great voice-acting
Boring, small world doesn’t give the sense of adventure
Possibly the best and funniest party in Tales series
Villains, or rather, the good guys in this case, don’t have enough screentime
It’s great to play as what you’d normally consider villains for a change
The plot pretty much stops for twenty hours in the middle
Enthralling plot, except for the middle partI
Predictable conclusion that doesn’t stick in memory much
A solid story, though it feels a bit like a watered down version of Tales of Abyss
Challenging but fair and responsive battle system
A very convenient map, with side-quests and everything else you’d need (more games should do this)
High quality localization

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