[Anime] Hunter x Hunter (2011)



Hunter x Hunter is about the only shounen that doesn’t treat its audience like idiots with its fights being decided by cunning and strategy as opposed to nakama power.

The only reason I don’t give it a full score is that it’s unlikely to ever get finished as even when the mangaka decides to stop stalling, he just starts introducing new things instead of solving what he’s already set up (all episodes with Phantom Troupe are 5/5 though).

Positive: Negative:
A couple of nice music tracks Slow pace (especially ant arc)
Fascinating setting full of imagination Some plot threads go nowhere
Interesting, likable, memorable, relatively profound characters Everything about Alluka feels like a copout
Captivating, suspenseful plot full of twists Unfinished
Good action scenes
Yorknew City arc is amazing
Ingenious mind-games and situations


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