[Anime] Glass Mask



A fantastic shoujo show with one of the most endearing protagonists in anime that mixes show business and romance at just the right amounts. It might have even made it to my favorites if it didn’t leave you blueballed at the most interesting point.

…And if you’re planning to read the manga, I wouldn’t recommend going past volume 47 as the latest chapter ends on the cruelest cliffhanger ever only for it to get stalled for four goddamn years.

Positive: Negative:
Great, effective background music The pacing of earlier episodes is way too fast with one volume adapted to one episode
Interesting, likable characters Unfinished
Fantastic protagonist that’s both endearing and scary at the same time
Addicting plot with countless twists
Solid story that hits all the right notes
Surprisingly heavy-hitting romance despite the two leads having very little time together
A fascinating take on the show business of professional acting

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