[Game] Alien Isolation


Maybe it’s because I was never much into the Alien franchise, but I couldn’t get into this game that felt to me like a giant fetch quest with tediousness drowning out most of the actual horror.

Positive: Negative:
Tense and dreary atmosphere Bland environment design with all rooms looking the same
Bland plot that fails to hook you in
Terrible checkpoints result in lots of tedious back and forth walking
Tedious stealth mechanics


One thought on “[Game] Alien Isolation

  1. I had a similar experience with the game recently. I’ve had several people recommend it but in the end there was simply nothing that drew me in, and cheap kills where i’d open a door and have the alien standing there waiting for me had any horror drowned out by how tedious the walk back from the checkpoint was.

    As an aside, I find games where I can’t really fight back -less- scary that ones where I can. I realize that seems backwards XD Still, it remains that Dead Space did more for me as a horror game than Alien, Amnesia or Outlast.


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