[Anime] Gate


Despite the at the first sight original concept, Gate soon devolves into just another alternate world anime with poorly constructed setting, flimsy characters, and weak plot that panders to both otakus and this time… the Japan’s Self-Defense Force. Though… unlike most of isekai garbage it tries to concentrate more on armies than individual heroes, and I’ve got to admit, seeing a legion of medieval soldiers get overwhelmed and annihilated by mortars and other modern warfare tactics can be a very empowering and cathartic experience.

I just wish that instead of trying to make every single member of JSDF into a Jesus Christ figure, the anime depicted them in a more realistic gray-like fashion… and also gave them an actual threat to fight against.

Positive: Negative:
Attractive character designs The setting is not thought-through with a world that feels like a bunch of random fantasy tropes thrown in together
Interesting premise Characters are not properly fleshed out with muddled motivations
Characters, despite everything, are still pretty likable The protagonist keeps displaying contradictory character traits which makes it impossible to treat him seriously
Looking at modern technology completely obliterate everything in its path is pretty cool Straightforward story that lacks both originality and integrity
Dull, predictable plot that severely lacks tension due to the lack of balance of warring factions
An unrealistic black and white portrayal of the JSDF and medieval society


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