Conjueror’s VN of the Year (2016) Tournament

Hello there. I’m a big fan of GOTY awards — lurking around Gamespot and IGN on December being one of my favorite pastimes of the month. Anyway, I’ve been thinking it was a shame that visual novels do not have something equivalent, and figured I might as well try to organize something myself.


The rules are simple, apart from the two seeded titles — Steins;Gate 0 and Fata Morgana — I will have 24 notable visual novels translated this year go through a preliminary round. Since twitter only allows four options in a poll, I will split those 24 into six groups of four, and two titles with the most votes in each group will advance to the next round (12 titles in total).






Then I’ll have those 12 titles go through another similar round to eliminate another 6.





Next, I will split the final eight qualifiers into two groups of four, where all visual novels within a group will fight each other for points, with two titles with most points in each group (four titles in total) advancing to the finals. This will give the qualified visual novels a chance to meet almost every other title in battle for most precise results.



So yeah, let’s do this, and see which visual novels the community does think have been the best this year… or at least the community that follows me on twitter.

3 thoughts on “Conjueror’s VN of the Year (2016) Tournament

  1. Huh, surprised Himawari won, I might take a look at that at some point. Hoping to see Utawarerumono here for the 2017 one.


  2. It feels kind of a waste to do this so early in the year. Some of these titles (heck a good number of them), only came out in recent weeks and I’d imagine that the majority would gravitate towards the releases that have been around longer more (or in some people’s cases, they just pick the one with most recognition)

    Granted I’m not sure there’s anyway you can do this poll without something skewing the results. *shrug*


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