[Anime] Alderamin on the Sky


A military strategy and mind-game fueled show that follows in the steps of the Legend of Galactic Heroes just in a “southeastern-feeling” fantasy world. Unfortunately, the anime itself feels more like a prologue to a far grander story that might never even reach us.

Alderamin is nonetheless a show with the most potential I’ve seen in years, and if it continues, I would not be that surprised to see it attain a 5/5 rating by the end, but now, I feel just like after watching a very cool trailer.

Positive: Negative:
Pretty cool animation Feels more like a prologue or a long trailer than a full fledged show
A vast, fascinating setting with a southeastern vibe Some characters, especially the smaller villains are very one dimensional
Interesting, mature leading characters A few contrived situations here and there, but nothing too upsetting
The writer understands military strategy
Good, relatively fast pace
Some pretty effective dramatic scenes
Thought-provoking on war in general

One thought on “[Anime] Alderamin on the Sky

  1. This was a really interesting anime to watch and while it tries to kind of give it an ending, the story really does need to continue to really feel like we’ve seen the main event. Thanks for sharing.


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