[Anime] Re:Zero –Starting Life in a Fucktard World–


An anime that despite the fantastic premise fails at everything fiction to such an extent it’s pretty much unwatchable (unless you can handle an insane amount of cringe).

Positive: Negative:
Attractive (female) character designs Poorly thought-out (or at least very poorly introduced) world
A fantastic premise of being able to return back in time after death (no doubt ripped off from Sumaga) Abysmal, cringeworthy dialogue
Sometimes it’s so bad it’s funny (just check ep15, roflcopter, man)… but only if you can handle the cringe Paper-thin, dumb, annoying characters (can I punch the damn catfag)
The worst protagonist in anime (can I punch this fucktard at least?!?!?!)
Rem is fucking retarded (I almost died on ep18)
Plot keeps going in circles until stuff gets solved in a way that makes least sense
I have no idea what the story was even supposed to be about, getting the sexy super gullible half-elf in bed?
The biggest waste of potential since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Everything about this show… just makes me so… fucking… ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!


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