[Game] Fallout 4


Well, damn, I knew it wasn’t Obsidian developing this one, but I still expected better. I feel Bethseda is starting to head the same way as Ubisoft, remaking and redressing the same game over and over again, and dispensing with this thing known as fun along the way.

If Fallout: New Vegas was a diamond in the rough, then Fallout 4 is a polished turd.

Positive: Negative:
A fairly big post-apocalyptic world to explore The world feels lifeless with similar places piled almost over each other
Does a fairly good job at mixing shooter and RPG game-play The game is clogged with mmorpg-tier quests that do nothing for the narrative
An underwhelming, bland story filled with bad writing
The factions are pretty boring this time around
Almost no options to role-play
The game-play is unbalanced, and gets repetitive eventually
Feels like Elder Scrolls with a Fallout skin


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