[Novel] The Dark Design (Philip José Farmer )


The third installment of the epic Riverworld series returns to Richard Francis Burton, Mark Twain, and the fictional representation of the author himself all striving to reach the mysterious tower at the end of the river.

Unfortunately, while some of the secrets regarding the world are starting to unravel in this book, it very much feels like a bridge connecting the beginning and the end of the story with little to offer on its own. It also offers significantly less politics and exploration of historical personas compared to the prequels and instead spends most of the time just trying to bring the important characters together.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating setting of all of mankind being resurrected on a huge alien planet at the same time Feels like just something to connect the beginning and the end of the story
Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters Not as many cool political machinations, and exciting twists as in the prequels
Cool, sinister atmosphere of a mysterious planet-scale conspiracy hangs over the story


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