[Game] Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

Phoenix Wright 2

While it’s nowhere near as memorable as its predecessor, the second installment of Phoenix Wright still offers quite a few interesting cases full of its trademark twists.

Positive: Negative:
Ageless 2D hand-painted graphics Investigation parts can get tedious if you can’t figure out what to do
Cool, catchy music A more memorable overarching story would have been appreciated
Immersing, tense atmosphere Recurring characters feel like they are out of steam at this point
Likable, quirky characters The cases are not as memorable as in the previous installment
Some ingenious twists
Investigating the mysteries is fun
Rubbing your findings into the faces of your opponents in court is even more fun
Fantastic English translation


One thought on “[Game] Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

  1. Yeah, Justice for All is obviously inferior compared to the first game mostly because we don’t see an overall story… But I think this game only shows its true natura if you play the three games in a row like it were just only one game.

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