[Game] Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


A psychological thriller mystery adventure game that feels like a blend of Persona and Phoenix Wright. …And you know that can only mean good.

I ended up picking the official translation for the PC version, and while I could tell NISA put quite a bit of effort into conveying the quirky dialogue, their take is rough around the edges with tone inconsistencies and a few mistranslations here and there which leads me to recommend the fan translation by Black Dragon Hunt and Ritobito instead that from what I’ve seen, ironically, feels more professional.

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful, attractive character designs Not fully voiced
Memorable, wacky soundtrack Some murders come off convoluted to the extent it’s detrimental to the perpetrator
Good voice-acting Interesting characters who are forced to “retire” early feel wasted
Bizarre and mysterious yet upbeat atmosphere The lack of proper romance options holds the game a step away from a true masterpiece
Interesting, extremely likable, quirky, and relatively profound characters The free roaming sections in-between murders feel like a waste of time
Monokuma is bearwsome
Interesting, thought-provoking story
Captivating plot full of mysteries and twists
A couple of ingenious detective tricks
A couple of strong emotional scenes, especially when it comes down to unexpected betrayals
Solving and re-enacting mysteries is incredibly fun


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