[VN] Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart


An incredibly dumb but nonetheless entertaining comedy moege to lift your spirits on a bad day.

Release: 2016 (HARUKAZE)
Writers:  Hato
Japanese difficulty: V.Easy
English: In planning?
Ratings: VNDB (7.96); EGS (7.62)

Nora Neko

There is really not much to say about Noraneko Heart. It’s a dumb moege that plays on the gimmick of the protagonist transforming into a cat whenever he receives a kiss from a girl and all the hilarious antics that follow the phenomenon. There’s also a princess of the dead and the threat of apocalypse looming somewhere around the corner but that stuff makes even less sense so it’s better to just ignore it for your own mental welfare.

In any case, if you’re up for a simple moege with attractive art, you can do a lot worse (like Yuzusoft games) but don’t expect for Noraneko Heart to linger in your mind for longer than five minutes after finishing it.


Positive: Negative:
Attractive character designs Almost painfully basic prose
Likable characters The story is so ridiculous and dumb it’s impossible to treat it seriously
Satisfying, voluptuous ero scenes Heroines other than Patricia feel kinda shoe-horned in only to fill in the numbers
No depth whatsoever


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