[Novel] The Shining (Stephen King)

The Shining

Stephen King has a knack for finding horrors in the mundane and masterfully combining them with the woes of a white-collar worker. I think I prefer the book over the movie for doing a better job at bringing its characters to live.

Positive: Negative:
Relatively simple but flowing prose Doesn’t really attempt anything extraordinary
Immersing, spooky atmosphere Not particularly scary
Interesting, relatable characters
Fairly enthralling plot


2 thoughts on “[Novel] The Shining (Stephen King)

  1. I’ve been meaning to start reading some of King’s books. You said it wasn’t very scary… Would you recommend it as a good book of his to start out with? One that’ll ease me into his scarier novels?


    1. I never found Stephen King to be particularly scary, but I guess this is one of his less scary books.
      Might as well start with it, or give Dark Tower and Gunslinger a shot which aren’t even horror (but then they are also pretty different from his other works in general).


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