[Novel] This Book is Full of Spiders (Davind Wong)

This Book is Full of Spiders

A novel about too idiots goofing their way through a zombie invasion. The adventure is still full of hilarious meta humor that tries to mess with your head, but it’s nowhere near as memorable or effective as the previous one (John Dies at the End). I suppose you can’t pull the “um, is this really happening or is the narrator fucking mad” card a second time when it’s already figured out in the previous book.

Positive: Negative:
Witty prose flows well and is very easy to digest Ultimately, plays most of the horror and potential serious stuff for laughs
Likable characters, all of whom are a bit off their rockers Isn’t as memorable or interesting as the prequel
Quite funny
Fairly interesting plot
Screws with the mind of the readers, but not to the extent of the previous book


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