[Game] Grand Theft Auto 4: Lost and the Damned

Grand Theft Auto 4 Lost and the Damned

Uh, the visuals of Grand Theft Auto IV haven’t aged well, the anti aliasing is so fucked it kept triggering my instinct to wide smudge off my TV. Otherwise, Lost and the Damned is a lot better and expansive than what I had expected from a DLC. It could have as well been Grand Theft Auto 4.5 if it were just a little bit longer.

Positive: Negative:
Likable, quirky characters Visuals are so fucked it feels like you’ve got mud on your TV
An all right story, all things considered Littered with obnoxious boring options, like taking your buddies to bowling
Good sandbox game-play Doesn’t offer much new
Surprisingly lots of content for what was supposed to be just DLC


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