[Novel] Remembrance of Things Past: The Guermantes Way (Marcel Proust)

The Guermantes Way

If anyone wondered, no, Marcel Proust doesn’t get more interesting. He only gets duller with each subsequent book, as impossible as that sounds.

It blows my mind how a novel with an almost identical premise  — Of Human Bondage  — could come off as so fun and insightful, while Remembrance of Things Past causes me nothing but pain and frustration. No wonder Proust was initially turned down by his publisher.

Positive: Negative:
Eloquent prose
Protagonist’s constant wimpiness gets seriously infuriating at this point
A few good insights on nostalgia and interpersonal relationships
Extremely slow pace
Illuminating on the life of French aristocracy in the late 19th century Nothing much really happens throughout the plot
Textbooks can offer deeper psychological insight, and are not even nearly as dull


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