[Anime] Parasyte: The Maxim


A dark paranormal thriller that besides remaining throughly entertaining and tense from the beginning to the end actually manages to reasonably argue the propriety of monsters that devour mankind.

Positive: Negative:
Awesome opening Some discrepancies with a nineties manga being adapted to a modern day setting (cell phones)
Good OST The last few episodes that depict dealing with the final threat are a bit too action driven
Interesting setting
Interesting, likable, profound characters (especially the protagonist)
Tight, captivating plot
Full of surprising and emotional twists
Solid, interesting story
Thought-provoking on what constitutes a man (protag keeps turning into “something” else)
Thought-provoking on human place in the ecosystem


One thought on “[Anime] Parasyte: The Maxim

  1. If there’s someone who can be banished from this astounding animation it would be that redhead chick that makes our protagonist wet and hard. Seriously, she is the reason I gave this anime a 9.


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