[Game] Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Breath of Fire - Dragon Quarter

This game is no more Breath of Fire than Blade Runner is Lord of the Rings, still, a change for a darker post-apocalyptic theme is a positive if anything in my book.

What’s not so positive is that almost the entire game takes inside dark tunnels which look the same, and the battle system is so slow you’ll be dreading every monster encounter by the end of the game. The difficulty is also all over the place, you have to either fight bosses the normal way which is almost impossible, or use an overpowered “win” button which ends the encounter in a single turn (but gives you a game-over if you overuse it). Still, if you’re smart enough with it, you can use it enough times to destroy all of the game’s harder bosses with ease, which I did.

Then it turns out you don’t get half of the story if you don’t die and restart the game from the beginning, so I basically had no idea neither what was going on nor who was I fighting as I beat the game. Thanks for fucking me over for being good at you, Breath of Fire. Seriously, who came up with those ridiculous design decisions?

Positive: Negative:
Interesting dark setting You are stuck in samish-looking tunnels for the entire game
The story seemed interesting, I wish I could’ve seen it Forgettable soundtrack
Thanks to the crappy design, I had no idea what was going on in the story
No idea what was going on with the characters either
Slow paced battles get tedious very soon
Depending on how you play, difficulty is either totally insane or a walk in the park
Limited saves in a JRPG?? How mad do you have to be to even…


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