[Game] Undertale

UndertaleUndertale might not be the first game to introduce pacifistic solutions to conflict, but it might as well be the first “JRPG” to base its story around the concept while also actively trying to lead the player astray and screw with his mind. If you liked Earthbound, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

Positive: Negative:
Effective, deliberately awkward writing Let’s all admit it, the visuals are kind of crap
Interesting, strange setting The plot feels a bit like a sequence of set-pieces rather than a consistent narrative
Poignant and incredibly stimulating soundtrack The puzzles could have been a little bit more interesting
Fascinating, mysterious atmosphere Not a real negative, but anthropomorphic animals stimulate my instinct for murder
Genuinely funny humor
Interesting, likable characters
A story that somehow twists the very foundation of JRPG storytelling
Full of emotional dramatic twists
Great moral choice system that makes it almost obligatory to go through the game multiple times
Incredibly good at making you feel guilty for role-playing as an evil character
Effectively screws with the player’s mind
Thought-provoking on conflict and its usual interpretation in JRPGs
Satisfying, innovative game-play that blends turn-based combat, arcade shooters, and platforming


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