[Novel] Nostromo (Joseph Conrad)

NostromoA fascinating tale that captures the very essence of a nineteen century South American mining town  — from the daily life of lowly wretches to the heroes in the midst of its never-ending revolutions and political turmoil  — written in such high level prose that it positively blows my mind English was the author’s third language.

Positive: Negative:
Rich, high-level prose The prose can sometimes be so grandiose and flowery it becomes hard to follow
Detailed, very realistic setting of a nineteen century South American mining town Keeps jumping between so many characters and events its easy to lose the track of things
Profound, interesting characters
Engrossing plot full both of action and excitement
Thought-provoking, rock solid story
Enlightening on the culture and history of South Americas
Thought-provoking on the nature of men

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