[Game] Disgaea 4

Disgaea 4I didn’t have particularly high expectations for this game after the disappointing experience that Disgaea 3 proved to be, but man oh man, was I wrong. The first half of Disgaea 4 might as well beat out the original, with even more interesting characters, funnier humor, and actually intriguing plot. If they hadn’t run out of ideas, and managed to deliver a more satisfying ending (as well as work a little bit more on the romance subplot that they seemed to forget about) this might have very well proven to be my favorite Disgaea yet. In any case, the protagonist of this one is just amazing, I just love the guy.

Positive: Negative:
Charming artwork The plot seems to run out of ideas in the second half
Cool, characteristic music The story turns out to be pretty generic, despite the good start
Extremely likable, quirky characters Disappointing, cookie-cutter ending
One of the best protagonists in any game ever Poor handling of an otherwise very interesting romance subplot
Interesting plot for the first half Doesn’t attempt anything new game-play wise
Genuinely funny humor
Proven, solid SPRG game-play

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