[Novel] The Demolished Man (Alfred Bester)

Demolished ManA science fiction mystery set in a world of mind readers told from the eyes of the culprit who decides to commit a perfect crime by first destroying his own mind. My hat goes of Alfred Bester, as so far I tried two of his novels, and both proved to be some of the most fascinating works of fiction I’ve ever experienced. He is like a super sayan version of Philip K. Dick.

Positive: Negative:
Crisp, evocative prose Not quite as mind-blowing as Stars My Destination
Fascinating futuristic setting seamlessly blends science fiction and fantasy
Riveting characters with a completely mad protagonist
Engrossing plot full of twists
A clever, well-planned out story
Thought-provoking on human mind

One thought on “[Novel] The Demolished Man (Alfred Bester)

  1. Tiger! Tiger! is the best of the best of Bester, so I believe nothing could beat it 🙂 Anyway that’s shame Bester wrote such a few books 😦 Maybe 4 or so, if count in book volumes on my bookshelf.


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