[Novel] Anathem (Neal Stephenson)

AnathemFor all its grand ideas Anathem is probably the “boringest” book I have read in my entire life; even Virginia Woolf’s stuff feels like a thrill-packed jet coaster ride compared to this stuff. I probably would’ve had more fun reading a dry list of ideas that Neal Stephenson planned to put in the novel, than its plot.

*sigh* Just read a summary, or wait for someone to edit it to 1/10 of its length if you feel like getting your mind blown by Anathem’s ideas

Positive: Negative:
Lots of cool hard sci-fi concepts, and ideas Dull, positively lethargic plot that makes the novel just painful to read
Full of cool philosophical ideas, both old and new Dull, bland characters
You almost have to learn another language to decipher the book

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