[Courses] Jewish Mysticism (Kalman Bland)

CUUYlFHUYAE9mkX.jpg large“These lectures are therefore not intended to pass judgement on Jewish mysticism, to decide whether it’s morally good or morally bad, to determine whether Jewish mysticism is a product of healthy-minded, religious, virtuous souls, or the product of pathologically diseased, unbalanced, psychotic kooks.”

You know you’re in for a ride with an introduction like this. Anyway, a pretty cool introductory course if you’re interested in Kabbalah and Hekhalot literature, and their historical background (and you should if you ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion). I would’ve loved if the course was a little bit longer and more explicit on the whole mythology behind the curious practice, though (it’s more of a history of than a guide to comprehending Kabbalah).

Also, it doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere anymore, so I had no choice but to torrent it, lol.

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