[Game] Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex Human RevolutionMy expectations might have been a tad bit too high due to the incredible reception of the original Deus Ex that I have never played, but Human Revolution, despite the very well written dialogue, and a few through-provoking twists in the story, proved to be a fairly underwhelming experience to me (maybe I’ve read too many sci-fi novels to be overly impressed by these concepts anymore).

Positive: Negative:
Interesting sci-fi setting Bland environment design
Very well written, flowing dialogue Plot is not really all that interesting
Problems have multiple solutions depending on how you role-play Dull sneaking mechanics
A couple of interesting side-quests Clunky shooting mechanics
Thought-provoking on the advancing technology, and human enhancement Extremely annoying inventory
Crappy boss fights

One thought on “[Game] Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  1. Human Revolution does a good job capturing the spirit of the original (while still being very much a modern game) but ultimately isn’t quite as good, at least in the story department. Deus Ex certainly hasn’t aged well though and if the inventory annoyed you in HR it’s going to be even worse there. I feel like both are pretty solid games overall though.


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