[Game] Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star

Ar nosurgeIt stands testament to how damn good Ar Tonelico series are when Ar nosurge, despite being disappointing on almost every single aspect, is still somehow the best JPRG I’ve played in the past five years. It’s just too bad that despite being probably among the trickiest games to translate ever, the series have been plagued by half-assed translations from their very conception.

I also wish GUST went back to developing 2D games already, as it’s obvious they have neither resources, nor talent for 3D graphics.

Best song:

Positive: Negative:
Attractive, evocative character sprites I’ve seen better looking 3D environments in PS1 games
Atmospheric, memorable background music Somewhat formulaic, predictable story
Absolutely amazing hymns, as always Making cosmospheres a joint thing makes them feel less personal
Fascinating world set inside a spaceship that double-functions as a planet Game-play feels almost like a half-assed extra, rather than a core aspect of the experience
Charming, interesting, relatively profound, and all in all fantastic heroines Pales in comparison to the prequels, namely AT2
Likable, interesting side-cast
Cosmosphere is a fantastic tool for adding depth to characters
Well-written, good romance
Well-written, genuinely funny humor
A couple of pretty cool twists
Does an amazing job at breaking the fourth wall and involving the player into the story

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